Red Hood’s Gameplay Trailer revealed at @ComboBreakerFGC 2017

As the Sunday finals raged on at Combo Breaker, Netherrealm Studios dropped a trailer that has left the entire INJ2 community thrilled.

The first of three DLC fighters revealed for the game will be coming out in June, but we’ve now got an opportunity to analyze the character’s gameplay before his launch. See below for an epic trailer demonstrating Red Hood’s abilities!

From watching the trailer, we’re expecting Red Hood to have a strong keepaway game since the majority of his enders send the opponent all the way across the screen. Though it’s going to be tempting to play him the opposite way when you look at the amazing design in his attack animations, particularly his super move.

Starfire and Sub-Zero will be next in line to join the roster when the first DLC Fighter Pack becomes available. Stay tuned to this blog and the other pages listed below for updates on Injustice 2!

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P.S. Congratulations to Echo Fox Sonic Fox for becoming the Injustice 2 Champion at Combo Breaker 2017! His victory will propel him to an early lead in league rankings for the Injustice 2 Pro Series presented by Playstation 4.