Red Hood’s Gameplay Trailer coming this Sunday at @ComboBreakerFGC

The fighting game community is in for a slew of surprises at Combo Breaker 2017 this weekend. Included among them is the arrival of a gameplay trailer for Injustice 2’s first DLC fighter, Red Hood! It drops on the Internet this Sunday, May 28th.

You’ll recall from this post that Red Hood was among the first three characters revealed to be future additions to Injustice 2’s roster, a decision that has pleased quite a large number of fans as it’s something they’ve anticipated since the prequel. The other two characters joining Red Hood are Starfire and Sub-Zero, the latter being a guest character from NRS’s trademark MK franchise.

Other than this image demonstrating what appears to be an enhanced special attack from Red Hood, nothing about the character’s abilities is known at this time. But fret not, we only have to wait two days to get our answers!

Make sure you tune in to Combo Breaker this weekend to catch over three-thousand players clashing in a large selection of fighting games. Almost four-hundred players have entered Injustice 2 whereas 645 gravitated towards Street Fighter V to clash for a spot in this year’s Capcom Cup!

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