Red Hood, Sub-Zero and Starfire revealed as first DLC fighters for Injustice 2!

Today is going to be a great morning for those excited for Injustice 2! Moments ago, Ed Boon dropped a video through his Twitter that reveals the first three DLC characters coming to the game at a time after its launch. Fans of Mortal Kombat and the DC Comics may be highly appeased by this selection…

First character: Starfire! One of the most highly requested characters since the days of Injustice 1, the Tamaran exile comes to the sequel as a DLC fighter. She’s undoubtedly amassed a huge fanbase since her time as a Teen Titan (speaking of which, give the Judas Contract a watch if you haven’t already), but now she can finally put her abilities to the ultimate test in the war between universes.

Next character: Sub-Zero! It seems NRS has opted to continue the tradition of introducing a guest character from their trademark MK franchise into a DC fighting game. This selection probably comes as no surprise to those familiar with Scorpion’s inclusion in the prequel, but the question now becomes…how will he play out in a game with no block button?

Finally, another highly requested selection since DLC was introduced to the prequel: Red Hood. Boy…the fans are going to have a field day with this one. What would a match between Robin and Red Hood look like?!

This leaves us with six more DLC fighters to speculate about, which brings us to another point: near the end of the trailer, you see six shadowed silhouettes nearby the three characters…most likely the remainder of the DLC. In fact, one shadow on the right side seems to resemble a certain Thunder God…thoughts?!

Friendly reminder that preordering the Digital Deluxe Edition of Injustice 2 means that the first three DLC characters will already be paid off for you when they arrive, and we’re pretty sure that these three characters will be the first you get. Alternatively, you can purchase the Ultimate Edition to get access to all of the DLC once they are added into the game. For more details, please see this page from the Injustice website.

Second friendly reminder: the NRS team goes live via their Watchtower today at 3 P.M. Central Time to show off Darkseid, the Joker and a third unnamed character. Possibly one of the DLC we just learned about?! For more details, review this article.

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