Red Bull Proving Grounds is back and better than ever!

Red Bull Proving Grounds is back with an improved experience for SFV competitors!

The Proving Grounds consists of qualifiers leading up to an invitational team tournament that will be held in Santa Monica, California. Players will compete in qualifiers from eleven different regions across the United States of America, as well as three online qualifiers. Starting this April, players will battle it out on the first Saturday of each month, running up till June, to determine the best players of each region. These winners will combine their efforts to battle against other teams at the Proving Grounds.

All players can enter any of the qualifiers for the Proving Grounds at their official Smash.GG page. These qualifiers will take place at the following locations:

  • Seattle, Washington
  • San Francisco, California
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Chicago, Illinous
  • Houston, Texas
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Montreal, Quebec

Depending on how well players perform, they can earn ranking points from each qualifier. These points will be vital in determining who will advance to the Proving Grounds. League standings can be reviewed here.

As well, three online qualifiers will be held to determine the players who will represent a 12th region. At the end of the season, the qualified teams will be divided into categories representing the eastern and western regions of the U.S.A. The online team will automatically be grouped with the western teams.

Then, both divisions will host a tournament that follows a round robin style. Each team’s players will fight each other in one match. The winner earns a point for their team. In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker match will be played. Once the clouds of battle settle down, the teams with the greatest amount of points will advance from their divisions to participate in a championship match for the Red Bull Proving Grounds. This match will follow the same format as the group battle except that a team must win two sets to achieve victory.

The team that wins the Spring Season for the Red Bull Proving Grounds will receive:

  • $6,000 prize pool, with $2,000 awarded to each team member
  • a fully paid trip to EVO 2017 for not only the team, but also the players that made it into the Top 8 rankings for their region. This package will cover their flights, entry fees for Mandalay Bay, and rooms at a hotel for four nights straight!

This means that even if you don’t make it into the final phase of the Proving Grounds, your region’s qualifying team could still pull through and you could be given an opportunity of a lifetime, as long as you stand near the top of the leaderboards for your region. So step up that training and overcome the competition!

A Fall Season will follow the Spring Season, starting August 5th and ending on October 7th. Prizing for the Fall Season winners is roughly the same except that the Top 8 from a region will receive a paid trip for Red Bull Battle Grounds 2017, which takes place near the end of the year.

Something important to note: if any players are already ranked within the Top 16 for the 2017 Global or North American Capcom Pro Tour Leaderboards, they cannot qualify for Red Bull Proving Grounds.

For more details, check out their official website at .

Good luck to all competitors!