Red Bull Proving Grounds continues this weekend with May’s Qualifying Stops!

Hope you haven’t forgotten about the Spring Season for the Red Bull Proving Grounds! If you did, then shame on you!

Before continuing to read, check out this article for a quick refresher on how the Proving Grounds works.

With April’s qualifying stops at an end, the Spring Season continues this weekend with a series of Street Fighter V events scattered through the United States of America. For the online warriors, they’ll get to partake in the preliminaries of the second Proving Grounds Online 2017 bracket this Thursday.

The online bracket is open to players from the Playstation 4 and PC platforms. Players will be divided into two qualifier brackets. Four players – two each in Winner’s Bracket and Loser’s Bracket – will advance from both of them to form a Top 8 lineup. These players will then clash this Friday to earn points which will give them a greater chance at placing within the Top 3 by the end of the league.

Once the online qualifiers come to an end, the players ranked within the Top 3 will be grouped into a team representing the western regions of the United States. Then they will be flown out to Santa Ana alongside eleven other groups to participate in the RBPG finale this June, where the winners will receive a free trip to EVO 2017 for the region they represent!

There are twelve regions total, which means we can expect quite a heated battle after the qualifiers reach their conclusion. You could either be part of the team that wins it all, or you could be among the players who win a trip to EVO because their region reigned supreme!

To sign up for this week’s Online Proving Grounds, visit this Smash.GG page. Otherwise, go here to see a full list of the qualifying stops for the RBPG if you plan to earn your points offline.

Bear in mind that there will be a Fall Season for this year’s RBPG after the Spring Season ends. More details on that later.

Get to grinding SFV, players! Those points are essential if you wish to journey to the Red Bull eSports Studio in California!

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