Red Bull announces Red Bull Smash Gods and Gatekeepers!

Red Bull continues to dive into FGC esports by announcing a two-day event that caters specifically to the Smash Melee scene. Get ready for a series called Red Bull Smash Gods and Gatekeepers!

According to this post from Red Bull’s website, fans will get the exciting opportunity to team up with their favorite players from the competitive Melee circuit to compete against opposing teams. On September 2nd and 3rd, the gods and gatekeepers of Melee will journey to Los Angeles to choose their partners for an epic team-based bracket.

How this will work: on the first day of the event, players will compete in a double elimination bracket until only thirty-two remain. Afterward, the team captains will choose sixteen of these players to join the battle between gods and gatekeepers. Players not chosen will get another opportunity to prove themselves in the “Forsaken” bracket.

On the second day, eight teams of four will collide with one another in a battle that may shake the Melee community to its foundation. Players for each battle will be chosen “blindly” by their team captains, as will the stages for each match. Up to five games per match can be played. Team members can only be selected once per game, with the exception of Game 5 where players can be re-used for a two-versus-two battle.

The team captains who will be present to lead off this battle are:

So Melee fans, will you be chosen by one of these gods or gatekeepers to upset the balance of power?! Make sure you attend this event so as to get your answer! Good luck!

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