Recommended Ruleset for Smash Wii-U Events Updated

Players competing in events involving Smash Wii-U will want to be aware that the recommended ruleset for the game has received an update recently. This update will affect a majority of Smash Wii-U events this year, including the upcoming SCR Saga which is this weekend (more on that here).

After each PGR season (Panda Global Rankings), a ruleset committee comes together to create a list of regulations that governs all Smash Wii-U events, or to update the previous ruleset. A change in leadership was recently performed so as to include more feedback from tournament organizers residing in different regions so as to avoid any form of competitive bias. That update can be seen in the Twitter post from TLTC below.

(to review the Panda Global Rankings, see their page at Smash.GG)

You can access the updated ruleset by clicking the link above or right here.

One big change that this update introduces is the exclusion of coaches during the course of a set. Since its introduction, a great amount of controversy arose at Smash Wii-U events. We’ll not outline the details, but suffice to say that the growing collection of concerns from the community prompted the PGR team to ban midset coaching. However, coaching before a set actually begins has never been addressed.

The team backs up this adjustment with a list of reasons as to why it will be so. They include:

  • removing the bias towards those deemed as high-level players
  • preventing a constant changing in coaches throughout the set
  • preventing abuse of this privilege
  • speed up the progression of tournament matches

The other change isn’t exactly major, but basically, Omega Stages are among the levels that players can counter-pick with in the midst of a set. Previously, these levels were Suzaku Castle, Midgar and Wily Castle. However, they have opted to switch out Midgar with Palutena’s Temple in an effort to minimize a player’s abuse of the stage’s environment.

Before the first match in a tournament set begins, players strike four stages from the list of levels available to play on. For the first game, only the levels designated as Starter Stages may be struck out. When only one level is left, that becomes their designated arena.

Once the first game is won, the stage selection process is slightly changed. The winner immediately bans a stage, then both players pick their characters and prepare for the next match while the loser picks from the available Starter Stages as well as an added list of Counter-Pick Stages, which in this case are Dream Land 64 and Omega Stages. However, if either Battlefield or Final Destination are struck out by the winner, the Counter-Pick stage tied to that level is also banned for the duration of the next match. This process continues until the set is over.

Alternatively, both players can simply agree to play on a legal stage.

Because a respectable number of major events has already run their course, the PGR team has declined to make any major changes to rules regarding characters and stages, other than the decision to swap Midgar with Palutena’s Temple, of course. Once the current season comes to an end, they will consider possible changes.

The public recommended ruleset for Smash Wii-U events has been updated accordingly. Again, these changes are going into effect starting with 2GG’s SCR Saga this weekend, as confirmed in their Twitter post below.

Again, you can click the link above or here to read the updated ruleset.

We’re excited to watch the next level of competitive Smash Wii-U at the Esports Arena this Saturday! Please follow our blog and the pages below for all updates regarding 2GG’s events.

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