Recap Video for Pokken Commuity at @DreamHack Austin 2017

DreamHack Summer is coming up in Sweden this month, but we’re not done relishing in the memories of DreamHack Austin just yet.

TheDanGoodATTE, Head T.O. for the Pokken scene in Nebraska, has compiled and released a recap video illustrating the Pokken community’s experience at DreamHack. The camera work really paints a good picture of Pokken’s presence at the event and we feel it’s worth checking out.

DreamHack Austin featured a $3k pot bonus for Pokken. That bonus consists of a portion of EVO’s prize pool for the Pokken community and a contribution from DreamHack itself. You can read up on this article to get a refresher for the results of the Pokken bracket.

The Pokken hype continues at DreamHack Summer in Sweden on June 17-20. To purchase your ticket, visit their website.

In other news, it turns out that Pokken may just get a share of the spotlight at EVO after all, just not on the main stage. After a narrow loss to the Marvel community in EVO’s Player’s Choice donation drive, the scene has opted to work on a side bracket that will be played out at the Mandalay Bay. As of now, TheDanGoodATTE is working to collect feedback on the project.

Of course, the Pokken community did not walk away from the EVO donation drive empty-handed. While their game did not make it to the World Stage, the EVO team recognized the amazing effort its community has put forth. As a gesture of respect for the Pokken players, they have contributed a $10k prize pool that will be distributed across various tournaments this year. DreamHack Austin and Momocon were among the first to receive portions of the contribution and we fully expect DreamHack Summer to be next in line.

What are your thoughts? Liking the video? Eager to try some Pokken?! Let TheDanGoodATTE know at his Twitter page!