Raiden Gameplay Trailer Reveal for @InjusticeGame 2!

Shortly after the conclusion of tonight’s finale for the Injustice 2 Pro Series, Netherrealm Studios treated us to a glimpse at the next DLC fighter featured in their second Fighter Pack…the Thunder God and Protector of Earthrealm – Lord Raiden!

But he is not the only surprise that followers of Injustice 2 are getting – and no, it’s not another character…technically. If you recall, a portion of the roster has been given Premiere Skins that allow them to take on entirely different identities. For example, Supergirl can become Power Girl, Superman can become Bizarro, and so on. These skins are available only to those who purchased the Ultimate Edition of the game, regardless of their console of choice.

Raiden’s inclusion into the game serves as a continuation of that trend. If you own the Ultimate Edition, the¬†Black Lightning¬†Premiere Skin is yours for free. Yes, you’ve read that correctly – in a very clever move by NRS, Raiden’s alternate costume brings another cast member from the DC Universe into the ring, and both will be sharing a core moveset.

Time to welcome the God of Thunder AND Black Lightning to Injustice 2! Enjoy the trailer.

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Raiden will join the roster next month. Keep an eye out for news on a Watchtower stream where the NRS team will showcase the Thunder God’s capabilities!

In the meantime, owners of Fighter Pack 2 or the Ultimate Edition can enjoy the pack’s first DLC fighter, Black Manta! For those who own neither package, the Manta will be available to the entire player base starting this Tuesday. A price tag of $5.99 will be included with the character.

Injustice 2 is currently available for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

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