Questions about Injustice 2? Ask them with #askedboon

As confirmed by the image above, tomorrow will bring us a new broadcast series from NetherRealm Studios, entitled The Injustice 2 Watchtower Stream. The stream will go live at 2 P.M. CST. What we can expect to see, no-one knows, but we’re hoping for an abundance of gameplay after the myriad of cutscenes NRS treated us to – not that we are complaining! Give this one a watch while you’re here.

Until then, you have an opportunity to get answers to your questions about all things Injustice. How? Simply make a Twitter post using the hashtag #askedboon. Please note that not all questions may be answered for reasons only the NRS team can account for, but from past MKX streams, they do make an effort to communicate with their fan-base.

After tomorrow’s broadcast reaches its conclusion, we will post again to share a summary of what Netherrealm Studios shares with us. Until then, keep checking back! 🙂

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