PS4 1.08 Patch and Heatwave Update for @Brawlhalla are live

Throughout the course of this week, two big patches impacted both the PC and PS4 versions of Brawlhalla, the latter still in a closed beta phase. First up is the Heatwave Update, introduced two days ago to Brawlhalla’s primary platform.

The Heatwave Update introduces a new test feature called the Action Camera. This will cause a pattern where the in-game camera zooms in and out frequently during a match, whilst making sure that it doesn’t obscure too much of the stage in the process. This feature is intended to improve gameplay experiences whilst giving the audience an opportunity to engage via popular social media trends (including gifs). The team admits this feature is not 100% complete, but they are eagerly seeking your feedback in order to polish it further.

  • The new camera can zoom in much closer to the characters.
  • After being zoomed out, the new camera will spend less time before zooming in again.
  • The speed at which the camera will zoom in is slightly slower to make up for how frequently it will zoom, and how close it will get.
  • It will make sure that at least one platform or wall is always visible since it now can zoom close enough that it would be possible for no platforms to be visible.

The update also goes on to address the user interface, performance improvements and a large amount of balance changes inspired by feedback from the Forge, which is a Discord channel where players can submit feedback regarding the game’s balance directly to the developers. To see a complete breakdown of the Heatwave Update as well as feedback from the developers explaining each change, see this page from their official blog.

Next up, the PS4 update…

Essentially, this next patch for the PS4 closed beta integrates all of the changes included with Patch 2.67 for the PC platform. It also introduces support for a PC’s keyboard and mouse, which means that you can now playtest the PS4 beta using controls similar to what you’d utilize with your PC!

Additionally, the following bug fixes have been implemented:

  • Fixed alpha bug that should cause items with procedural alpha to look better.
  • Fixed bug where the dodge, hit, and jump tints were showing the wrong color.
  • Fixed bug where replays would not show the date and time that they were created.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t see more than just the first page of replays.
  • Fixed some texture memory leaks involving UI and Text.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes crash during start-up.
  • Fixed a bug where a failed connection could sometimes crash the game.
  • Fixed texture leaks during match preview.
  • Fixed a texture leak with avatars.
  • Fixed a texture leak for all the roster icons.
  • Fixed memory leaks in the character picker when changing between colors.
  • Fixed texture leak in the game hud when the score would change.
  • Fixed a texture leak in the character select menu when displaying weapon skins.

See this next blog post from the developers for a complete, although admittedly shorter, breakdown.

For those unaware, Blue Mammoth Games (the developers of Brawlhalla) have been dispensing PS4 beta keys for North American and European players. If you’ve signed up for the closed beta but have yet to receive your key, please be patient, you may get your opportunity soon. Once you receive your key via email, you can input its code in the PSN Store to download the Brawlhalla beta.

For those who have already downloaded the beta but have yet to download the Version 1.08 update, you should be prompted to do so the next time you boot up your console.

A preference for gaming on PC, you say? Not to worry, you can download Brawlhalla for your desktop/laptop right here at the game’s Steam page! System requirements for Mac and Windows are listed at the bottom of their Steam page.

The game boasts an amazing amount of reviews, nearly all of which indicate nothing but praise for the game’s evolution. As console gamers, we cannot wait to see the complete product arrive on the Playstation 4!

Plan to get competitive? Participate in events tied to the Brawlhalla Circuit in order to obtain league points that will give you a chance to qualify for the Brawlhalla World Championship, a 32-player invitational that will take place this November! The circuit spans events across North America and Europe.

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