Pro @InjusticeGame 2 player @HoneyBeeCMNDR signs with BeastCoast!

After a few years of representing Critical Reaction since the dawn of Mortal Kombat X, HoneyBee moves on to the next chapter of his competitive career by signing with BeastCoast!

BeastCoast began its life as an esports organization this year by signing Smash pros MikeHazeGaming and Mr_RSmash as their first players (as confirmed here). The group was founded on the principles of a collection of individuals who’d amassed years of experience in the world of competitive gaming. As of this week, HoneyBee will join his two teammates not as a representative for Smash, but rather for their all-new Injustice 2 division.

Ever since the 2013 release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, the Toronto native exploded onto the scene as one of the community’s most formidable Flash players. Just last month, he finished in second place at Evolution 2017 losing only to Noble Dragon’s Aquaman. While he attained a result that was almost equally impressive in Mortal Kombat X (he finished inside the Top 8 for Mortal Kombat X at EVO 2015), it’s undeniable that he feels right at home in NRS’s contribution to the DC Universe.

As one of the few players to defeat Echo Fox SonicFox at Evolution not once, but twice in two different games, it didn’t take long for the Flash specialist to arrest the attention of his opponents. The masquerade continues at Summer Jam XI next weekend, where HoneyBee is expected to make an appearance.

Oh…and HoneyBee has a question for you readers.

“Wanna see a real master comeback?!”

Congratulations to him and to BeastCoast for the partnership! We wish them all the best. Follow them at the accounts below to stay informed on their endeavors!

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