Prizes added for Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2 at “Sai,” EVO Japan’s Community Event

With EVO Japan’s community event “Sai” coming up later this month, their founders took some time to drop updates on Twitter this week. For those planning to participate in Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2 at Sai, they’ll want to check this out.

Although no monetary prizes will be distributed to the winners at Sai, they will receive some merchandise reflecting their love for their favorite fighting game. In the case of Guilty Gear, such prizes have been expanded to cover the Top 3.

So what’s up for grabs? See below…


So you could win either poster sets or a physical copy of the update to the Guilty Gear franchise by placing within the Top 3 or winning the whole thing! Better get practicing!

Another detail worth noting is that the winner of Tekken 7 will receive a Special Collector’s Edition of the game for the Playstation 4. The copy will be autographed by none other than Tekken’s lead producer, Harada!

Getting hype for Sai?! Well, let’s add to that excitement with the latest trailer from EVO Japan! See below for a prelude of what is to come…

As a reminder, “Sai” takes place in Tokyo on May 20-21st, at the Akiba Square. Qualifying matches will take place on the 20th with finals following the next day. If you’d like to submit your registration, visit this page. Be sure to keep an email of your registration on hand to provide evidence of your entry at the front desk!

“Sai” will mainly host Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2, Tekken 7 and 3-vs-3 team battles for Smash Wii-U, but side tournaments for other games have been announced and are in progress. These include Blazblue: Central Fiction, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round and King of Fighters XIV. You can read through the Twitter feed at EVO Japan’s page for more information!

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