Preview of Riptor’s Ultimate in Killer Instinct

Today is another Monday closer to the release of the Ultimates Ultra Pack for Killer Instinct, which means that it’s time to get a sneak peek at another character’s Ultimate finisher!

This time around, Riptor’s taking the spotlight. What tricks does our “friendly” female dinosaur have up her tail? See below…

Whether you like or hate the Ultimate, we’d like to highlight another detail that jumps out at us in the video: Shadow Jago’s skin. It appears to be his “Gold” skin, except that it looks more like obsidian, which gives it a closer resemblance to Gargos’s Platinum skin. Could this hint towards more costumes for Jago’s evil half?!

If you look closely, you’ll see how the lighting and texture of Shadow Jago’s skin looks quite familiar to what you’d notice on a character’s Gold skin…but again, the shading makes it more like a Platinum skin. Make of this what you will.

All Ultimates that were previously shown can be seen below:

Fulgore’s Ultimate
Sadira’s Ultimate
Kilgore’s Ultimate

That means that only ARIA’s Ultimate will remain a mystery until next Monday, so check back at that time for one final preview of the Ultimates Ultra Pack! Be advised that it will hit the Xbox Store on May 2nd with no price tag attached. Just download it and it’s all yours!

Want to try out the game itself? It’s FREE to download and play on the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. However, additional content including characters will need to be purchased for use. The Xbox Store offers group deals that allow you to unlock characters from each of the game’s three seasons for only $20, whereas each character can be purchased separately for $5.

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