Preview of ARIA’s Ultimate for Killer Instinct

The final Ultimate finisher from Killer Instinct’s Ultimates Ultra Pack was revealed yesterday, and it features none other than the boss-lady of Ultratech herself – ARIA.

No more words needed. Check it out and enjoy it.

On May 2nd, the Killer Instinct fanbase can enjoy these new finishers for ARIA and the following four characters:

When the update drops, you can visit Killer Instinct’s store sub-menu to download the Ultimates Ultra Pack for free. For a reminder of how to perform an Ultimate, you must first win the match by inputting an Ultra Combo, then press LP+LK right as it starts up. You must be on your first health bar in order to do the Ultimate.

By the way, these aren’t the final Ultimates. More will be coming via another booster pack called the Ultimate Monster Pack. The characters for that pack have yet to be revealed, but in the past few weeks, clues have pointed towards Aganos as one of the characters that will receive an Ultimate. 😉

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