Preview for @ComboBreakerFGC 2017 Pools is now Live!

One more week to go before the big day in Illinois!

As a glimpse into the future, the Combo Breaker team has released a preview of each bracket they’ve drawn up for the event. In addition, we’re given information on the streamers, the commentators in attendance and a look at the event’s schedule. All of them can be seen in the Twitter post below.

Just a heads-up: the website has crashed occasionally due to the extreme amount of traffic from those eager to see the pools. So if you find yourself unable to access Combo Breaker’s link, you can go to their Smash.GG page instead.

Bear in mind that since on-site registration is still an option (you’ll be charged $90 for this), these pools are not final. Regardless, we suspect that a lot of these will go unchanged when the big weekend closes in.

In case you missed it, Combo Breaker announced a while back that they would adopt a method called “three-player advancing pools,” which will allow three players to progress from each pool instead of two. This method widens the possibilities for match-ups in the next phase of the tournament while cutting down on a “double jeopardy” scenario, where players meet twice in pools, once in Winner’s and once in Loser’s. Other FGC events have taken inspiration from this concept, including EVO, and have thus decided to adopt it.

So if you are competing and you find yourself in Loser’s early on, do not be so quick to fret. As long as you make it to Loser’s Finals, you’re in the clear.

As a reminder, Combo Breaker takes place at the Mega Center in Illinois on May 26-28th, 2017. The venue will be open twenty-four hours per day and will feature a viewing area for those wishing to watch the ELEAGUE finals as well as the Red Bull Kumite invitational. The team has gone all-out to guarantee a better event than they brought you last year.

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