Pot Bonuses for #CEOtaku provided by @aksysgames, @StreamMe and @SkullgirlsTour

Note: Image is credited to CEOGaming.

CEOtaku is a little over a month away and already the stakes are climbing! Courtesy of Aksys Games, StreamMe and the SkullgirlsTour, a collection of pot bonuses have been contributed to the anime FGC’s trademark event.

First up, $1,000 apiece have been provided for Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2 and Blazblue: Central Fiction, the latter of which is being relabeled as BBCF 2.0 due to the balance update coming August 31st (more on that here), as well as Jubei’s eventual addition to the roster. Another $500 is going towards Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late{st}.

Secondly, StreamMe’s partnership with the Skullgirls Tour will result in a $500 contribution to CEOtaku’s Skullgirls bracket. All other offline events in the tour will receive a similar bonus.

Registration for CEOtaku 2017 has been increased to a $50 venue fee as of August 6th. Players can sign up by going to www.smash.gg/ceotaku-2017.

Thus far, the amount of players that have already pre-registered for CEOtaku has been acknowledged by Mr. Alex Jebailey as “shaping up nicely.” Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 already has 115 entrants ready to rock, while Under Night In-Birth has 75 and Blazblue: Central Fiction has 57. Additionally, CEOtaku will be one of the first events to celebrate the launch of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite alongside SCR (both events occur on the same weekend), and thus far the game has forty players ready for action.

Speaking of SmashGG, it should be noted that CEOtaku is considered the final destination for the Burst League, a competitive circuit founded by the anime FGC that awards league points to competitors who achieve noteworthy results at all events considered to be a part of the circuit. The players with the highest amount of league points in all games supported by the Burst League will be flown out to Orlando in September to participate in CEOtaku. East Coast Throwdown (coming September 2nd-3rd) will mark the final opportunity for players to grab these points.

As another act of support from StreamMe, we have partnered with Level Up to send out the winner of the second season of our Overdrive Series, a series of online tournaments featuring Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2. Xcel BjornSonofBear claimed victory in all four brackets to achieve the maximum score of 1,200 league points, a complete victory that has more than earned him his spot at CEOtaku. We wish him the best of luck!

Given our experience at CEO 2017 this year, we cannot recommend CEOtaku enough to all anime enthusiasts. In addition to hosting tournaments for a huge roster of anime fighting games, guests can enjoy cosplays, art galleries, and more!

Although CEO 2018 will be taking place at Daytona Beach’s Ocean Center next year, CEOtaku itself will be going down at Orlando’s Wyndham Resort on September 23-24, 2017. For more news on the event, follow our blog and the pages below:

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