Pokken Tournament DX to be featured at @EVO 2017

The long-awaited upgrade to the original Pokken Tournament will be available to play at EVO 2017 this weekend!

Starting this Friday at 10 A.M. Pacific Time, players can visit Nintendo’s booth at Mandalay Bay’s South Convention Center to try out Pokken’s upgrade – Pokken Tournament DX, to be played on the newly released Nintendo Switch. The upgrade will feature additions to the cast of characters originally released in Pokken’s first incarnation, along with a slew of new gameplay modes including a new means of utilizing local multiplayer.

While EVO runs its course, Nintendo will be encouraging players to sign up for a virtual club called the Pokken Tournament DX Academy, which essentially provides an environment for Nintendo and the Pokken players to communicate with one another. Likely this will be their approach in collecting feedback as they continue to fine-tune the game before its release in September 22nd.

Anybody who signs up for the Academy will receive free tips from Nintendo and the game’s development team to improve one’s skill in Pokken, as well as invitations to PAX West in Seattle, where Nintendo is set to make another public appearance in order to show off their product. The event takes place on September 1st and lasts until the 4th.

The Nintendo booth, and by extension Pokken DX, will be available on July 14th and 15th. Members from all corners of the Pokken scene, be it casual or competitive, are expected to be in attendance.

As their answer to the rise of esports, Nintendo has opened a Twitter account called Nintendo Versus, whose goal is to promote all competitive circuits for titles created by the company. Since E3, they’ve been pushing their latest titles – ARMS, Splatoon 2 and Pokken Tournament DX – out into the open. Follow it to stay in touch!

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