Pokken Tournament DX Invitational will occur at @E3 this week

This week, Nintendo plans to sponsor a series of invitationals for a handful of games coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. All will take place at this year’s E3 convention in Los Angeles, beginning tomorrow.

The players invited to this event include a handful of legends from the fighting game community, such as Echo Fox’s Justin Wong, NairoMK and LiquidKen. These three players will join five others in a team-based bracket for the newly announced Pokken Tournament DX, which hits the Nintendo Switch on September 22nd.

Below is a series of tweets revealing the eight players competing in the Pokken invitational at E3. Read on!

To catch the Pokken DX invitational, tune in this Wednesday at e3.nintendo.com. Additionally, look for team brackets for ARMS and Splatoon 2 this week starting tomorrow. The former will release for the Switch in four days while the latter arrives on July 21st.

For devout followers of the FGC, you’ll be pleased to know that Alex Valle, founder of Level-Up Productions, will join Nintendo for the ARMS Open Invitational tomorrow!

Developed by Bandai Namco (the creators of Tekken) and Nintendo, Pokken Tournament DX is an updated version of the game’s initial incarnation from the Wii-U. In addition to porting the existing content over to the Nintendo Switch, it also introduces an array of new features as well as new playable Pokemon! Local multiplayer is done using wireless connections between two Switches in close proximity of one another, as well as single-player modes which utilize the Joy-Con. You’ll also get to enjoy three-versus-three team battles, online ranked play and friend-only group matches.

The additions to Pokken Tournament’s roster are as follows:

  • Darkrai
  • Scizor
  • Empoleon
  • Croagunk
  • Decidueye

Are you ready to become the next Pokemon Master?! Get ready for Pokken Tournament DX’s arrival this September!

For those who play Pokken competitively, you’ll want to be aware of a new Twitter account called Nintendo Versus which brings attention to all esports circuits that feature games developed by Nintendo! Make sure you follow it to stay informed on competitive Smash Bros., Pokken, and more!

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