@PNDKetchup and @PNDMustard discuss changes for Cyborg and Green Arrow

Thus far, PND Ketchup and PND Mustard have enlightened us on the abilities for the new characters coming to Injustice 2. Now, they’ve moved over to the returning faces to learn what’s changed about them since the days of the prequel.

Today’s topic? Cyborg and Green Arrow, two characters that started out incredibly strong since launch before receiving a series of nerfs that caused them to plummet through the tier list, according to the community. After watching these videos, it’s up to you to judge whether or not they’ve gained a degree of competitive relevance.

First up…Cyborg!

In comparison to his Injustice 1 version, Cyborg’s gameplan appears to be the same as before: keepaway. However, for Injustice 2, a portion of his legacy moveset has been reworked…and new tools have been thrown into his box, including a brand-new character power.

For starters, Cyborg’s DB1 input fires his projectile in an upper angle. Meter-burning this special will release a follow-up fireball that goes horizontal. Cyborg can also perform this input mid-air to release a blast that goes diagonally towards the ground, and once again, the meter-burn version sends out a horizontal follow-up.

Wait, wait…here’s the best part: his diagonal fireball can be charged or dash cancelled on start-up, allowing for new mind games as both the aggressor and the defender!

Cyborg’s uppercut special returns to Injustice 2 with a new input: DB2. Like before, it launches the opponent upwards, but this time you can meter-burn it for a follow-up overhead attack that allows for juggles! As an extra layer of mind-games, the meter-burn follow-up can be delayed for a short period of time before activation. This is useful for catching mistimed buttons from your opponent.

His lock-on missiles remain largely unchanged save for one important detail: they are no longer unblockable, but rather, they hit overhead. Look forward to Cyborg players finding set-ups with this new utility.

As for his character power, it’s been completely revamped. Cyborg can now summon a drone on the ground or in mid-air. Once it’s conjured, it will immediately charge straight towards the opponent’s location. If Cyborg is damaged while activating his trait, the drone will still be summoned. If the grounded drone connects with the opponent, they are launched into a combo. The drones can be summoned in front of Cyborg or behind him. Both hit as mids, so no lows or overheads here, but these have the potential to jail into some powerful offense.

Finally, his Super Move has been reworked. Instead of a charge attack like in Injustice 1, it now starts up with a fireball that attaches itself to the ground before releasing a burst of electricity. If the opponent is tagged by this Super, they are launched for insane damage! However, this change reduces the utility his previous Super once had since it used to act as an anti-air and a ranged attack, but whether its meaning has been diminished or not remains to be seen.

Next, we’ll take a look at Green Arrow’s adjustments.

While not particularly buffed or nerfed, Green Arrow has received changes to his legacy toolset while also getting a new toy to play with. First up on the change list is the adjustments to his combo strings. We’ll go over each of the strings mentioned in the video:

  • 1 1 3 – it now knocks the opponent away instead of launching.
  • 2 2 3 – now launches the opponent. In exchange, if you do not follow up, it no longer causes a hard knockdown, meaning it can be tech-rolled.
  • B2 3 – the first hit is no longer overhead. It now connects as a mid. Additionally, this string now causes a hard knockdown which means you cannot get up with a roll.
  • 1 1 1 – Green Arrow no longer moves forward during the third hit of the string.

Next up, his special moves. To start with, his Hurricane Bow retains its old input, but if you meter-burn this attack, Green Arrow will pop the opponent up for a combo! While the concept of this buff isn’t too unique, it’s significant for Green Arrow given how limited his damage output was in the first Injustice game. Rejoice, archers in green!

The character’s ability to hold his fireball has also carried over, but with some changes. You can now press L2/LT to actually put the arrow away instead of launching it. Like before, you can jump and dash backwards or forward while holding the arrow.

If the ice arrow connects with an opponent during a combo, it will no longer restand, but rather it will behave in a manner similar to Sub-Zero’s ice ball where it keeps them suspended for follow-ups. This eliminates Green Arrow’s mix-up opportunities after a full combo, but considering the increase in his damage output, he’ll be more than able to compensate.

If you are holding an arrow, you can burn a bar to turn it into a “boxing glove arrow.” This does huge damage and is very positive on block, meaning you can go into pressure afterwards. You can also store this arrow for later use so you can recall it without being required to burn another bar! This adds a powerful option to his offensive gameplay!

Finally, his Super Move is no longer an unblockable attack. It now connects as mid and has a fast start-up.

The PND brothers have noted that these may not be all of the changes for both characters as they had limited time to record this footage at a public event two weeks ago. Still, with what we’ve seen already, it’s apparent that Cyborg and Green Arrow are re-entering Injustice with more well-rounded tools to defeat opponents with! Whether you agree or disagree, let us know on Twitter!

Thanks to Ketchup and Mustard for providing these informative tutorials to prepare us for Injustice 2’s launch next week! Please remember to follow them at their Twitters and YouTube!

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