PG @PunkDaGod wins the @EL Street Fighter V Invitational!

ELEAGUE’s Street Fighter V invitational has finally come to a close after two long months full of matches between thirty-two of the world’s best players! Eight players survived the beginning and middle phases to qualify for a final eight-man bracket where they’d be guaranteed to add thousands of dollars to their wallets, as well as glory on behalf of their countries.

A prize pool of $250,000 would be split amongst the Top 8 finalists with the highest share, $150,000, going over to first place.

Read on for a series of images illustrating the Top 4 finals as well as the results for each match.

Winner’s Finals

PG Punk (Karin): 1 vs. Phenom (Necalli): 3

Loser’s Semifinals

Fuudo (R. Mika): 3 vs. PR Balrog (Balrog): 2

Loser’s Finals

PG Punk (Karin): 3 vs. Fuudo (R. Mika): 2

Grand Finals

Phenom (Necalli): 2 vs. PG Punk (Karin): 4

Tournament Placings and Prizes

1st Place: PG Punk
Prizes: $150,000

2nd Place: Phenom
Prizes: $40,000

3rd Place: Fuudo
Prizes: $20,000

4th Place: PR Balrog
Prizes: $12,000

5th Place Tie: Echo Fox Momochi and Xiao Hai
Prizes: $5,000 (each)

7th Place Tie: WOLFKRONE and Daigo Umehara
Prizes: $3,000 (each)

After Punk’s previous loss to Phenom in the Winner’s Finals, the crowd practically locked him in as tonight’s champion. However, during his match with Fuudo, he appeared to come back to his former self, spacing out Fuudo’s options and retreating at just the right occasions to make his opponent hang himself. Fuudo himself has been absolutely astounding to watch, especially with a comeback of his own against PR Balrog.

Some of the most iconic moments to recall from the ELEAGUE finals include:

  • Fuudo’s game-winning read against PR Balrog’s V-reversal using his Critical Art.
  • PG Punk’s Critical Art getting interrupted by Fuudo’s V-trigger.
  • PR Balrog’s consistent TAPs countering Fuudo’s options while dealing huge damage.
  • Phenom’s heart-breaking drop against Punk in the Grand Finals, which cost him the entire tournament.
  • PG Punk’s victory ceremony after the Grand Finals.

Congratulations to Panda Global’s Punk for becoming the ELEAGUE SFV Champion! From what we all have seen through the TBS network, it’s a victory that is earned.

Didn’t get to catch the playoffs? Check out these archives from ELEAGUE’s YouTube channel!

We’d like to give our thanks to ELEAGUE for taking the time to organize such an extraordinary event for the fighting game community! Every player they’ve invited has done wonders in keeping the entertainment at an all-time high. Production quality has also won ELEAGUE an award for “Best Esports Production of the Year,” as confirmed in this article.

Will there be more SFV events from ELEAGUE? Perhaps other fighting games? Stay tuned to ELEAGUE’s pages for updates!