Path to @ComboBreakerFGC – Presented by @FableGG eSports!

Combo Breaker 2017 is just around the corner and we’ve got countless esports organizations looking to contribute to the quality of the event! One such example is a crew called Fable eSports, which specializes in a collection of entries including the popular free-to-play fighter Brawlhalla.

The Path to Combo Breaker is long and full of arduous trials. Players who compete in Brawlhalla will get to take part in a singles bracket online. No monetary winnings will be awarded, but whoever emerges victorious will be signed on a temporary contract to represent Fable eSports at Combo Breaker! The winner will be covered for the following:

  • travel costs for a flight to and from Combo Breaker
  • hotel room
  • Fable eSports jersey
  • registration fee

Please note that participation in this bracket indicates that you are not currently sponsored. If you already are, you may be barred from entering.

As of now, approximately four-hundred players have signed up for Path to Combo Breaker. If you are not among them, you still have a week left to get yourself ready as the bracket will take next Friday at 7 P.M. EST! Visit their Smash.GG page for more details!

While we’re discussing Brawlhalla, we’d like to briefly mention the current sign-up numbers for the Brawlhalla Circuit: approximately 5,000 total players from the USA and Europe have signed up for the Spring Championships, which will take place online next Saturday! The numbers below have been captured from the Smash.GG pages for the Spring Championships.

If this blows your mind right now, wait’ll you glimpse the total of registrations across all events that have been integrated into the Brawlhalla Circuit since its beginning this year. According to this next post from the Brawlhalla circuit, over twenty-thousand players have been competing in the circuit!

Now that is truly amazing from a community that’s only been around since 2015. Hats off to both the players and to Blue Mammoth Games for such a successful run with their favorite game!

Excited to compete in some Brawlhalla right now?! You won’t have to wait at all, because one of the events for the Brawlhalla Circuit is coming up this weekend! If you’ll recall, Stream.Me partnered with them to host the Legend Series last month. Singles brackets have reached their conclusion and we will be moving over to our doubles brackets for North America and Europe, starting tomorrow! Players can visit the pages below to sign up for the event:

Legend Series Doubles Brackets – United States of America
Legend Series Doubles Brackets – Europe

Another awesome note to make is that over 1,000 players have signed up for the Legend Series doubles brackets! This is gonna be a busy weekend for you Brawlhalla fanatics, so whether you’re competing or not, make sure you tune in to our broadcast at the Stream.Me page for the series.

If you missed out on the singles brackets and would like to catch up on the results, feel welcome to check out this article.

Don’t know what the Brawlhalla Circuit is? All the details can be found here, but long story short: it’s a collection of tournaments that will ultimately decide on our Top 32 players. These competitors will then be invited to the Brawlhalla World Championships in Atlanta, where they will compete for a $100,000 prize pool in an LAN setting! Think of the Capcom Pro Tour if you need to draw a comparison.

Want to try out Brawlhalla? You can download it for PC here. The game will also be ported to the Playstation 4 later this year, but players can sign up for a closed beta right now.

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