Patch Notes Stream for @InjusticeGame 2 Tomorrow at 3 P.M. CST

It seems that it’s almost time for Injustice 2 to receive its first “official” balance patch since its launch on May 16th. The term “official” is stressed as the past few patches were not aimed at tweaking characters’ toolsets so that they had entirely different properties, but rather squashing bugs that the developers at NRS found to be unwelcome discoveries.

Thus far, the game has been updated once every month since its release. The balance adjustments to be showcased on the Watchtower tomorrow will most likely arrive near the end of July or the start of August. It is also possible that this patch will coincide with the release of Injustice 2’s next DLC fighter, Starfire.

The Twitter post confirming the details for their next Watchtower session is here. It will take place tomorrow at 3 P.M. Central Time.

In addition to fans hoping that their pleas for adjustments to specific characters will be heard and addressed, we are also hoping to glimpse some gameplay for Starfire. Last Friday, a trailer for her reveal took the Internet by storm. See this article or the Twitter post below if you haven’t watched the trailer yet.

Thus far, the DLC fighters that have been released are Red Hood and Sub-Zero. If you haven’t tried these characters out yet, we recommend them!

Injustice 2 is currently available for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Plans for a PC release have yet to break the surface. For more news on the game, follow our blog and the pages below:

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