Patch Notes for Version 3.9 of @KillerInstinct

Today, Iron Galaxy and Microsoft released the patch notes for the next version of Killer Instinct – Version 3.9. The sole focus of this patch is on character balance. A fairly large portion of the roster got tweaks, most of which are bug fixes, but a number of balance adjustments have been included as well.

Of all the characters, the following have received a fair amount of emphasis in regards to balancing:

  • Sadira
  • ARIA
  • Fulgore
  • Cinder
  • Kan-Ra
  • Rash
  • Arbiter
  • Mira
  • Eagle

Other characters were either adjusted to a lesser extent or not at all. You can either hit up the Ultra Combo forums to review the patch notes in their entirety or watch the video below.

Initially, the patch was planned for implementation yesterday, but now it is expected to roll out within a week from today. Also, according to Adam “Keits” Heart, lead combat designer for Killer Instinct, 3.9 is apparently the last patch that will be made to the game for an extensive period of time.

What are the reasons for this pause in the balancing process? Stay tuned for that…as well as the long-awaited disclosure of a release date for Killer Instinct’s Steam version. No exact schedule was given, but rumor has it that we can expect an update regarding the Steam version in “weeks.”

In the meantime, in case you missed the memo, the Ultimates Monster Pack launched for the game last week, bringing Ultimate finishers to Hisako, Mira, Sabrewulf, Glacius and Aganos. It is FREE to download, so simply visit the game’s store menu at the starting screen and hit up the Extras sub-menu to get it!

Killer Instinct is currently available as a free download for Xbox One and Windows 10. However, add-on content such as characters will need to be purchased for permanent use. Otherwise, out of the entire roster, a character chosen at random will be playable every week.

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