Patch Notes for Version 2.78 of @Brawlhalla

Yesterday, Blue Mammoth Games implemented their next patch for their increasingly popular esports title, Brawlhalla. It’s the second patch to follow after the beginning of their next ranked season, Season 6.

The patch implements achievements for those playing the game on Steam. Players from the PS4 Beta (which is still ongoing) will receive a similar update later this week that brings trophies over to their copies of the game. In addition, there will be new audio clips tied to the user interface, networking adjustments to reduce frame drops, and an all-new Ragnarok Chest, which introduces a variety of character skins including three premium skins.

Read on for the full patch notes or click here to review the latest post at the developers’ blog.

New Ragnarök Chest!

The Ragnarök Chest has been discovered! This chest contains an assortment of 18 skins and three chest exclusive skins, which are:

  • Fenrir Mordex
  • Nidhogg Nai
  • Jotun Ulgrim

Enjoy The School Year!

The Back To School event has come to a close. You can still purchase the skins and avatars from this event for one extra week. Good luck at school this year!

Brawl of The Week – Platform King!

  • Stay on the red platform to score points as it moves around the map.
  • Four players.
  • Two minutes.
  • Highest score wins!  


  • Brawlhalla achievements on Steam are now live!
  • If you’ve previously met requirements for achievements related to Gold earned you will receive that achievement when receiving gold again.
  • If you’ve previously met requirements for achievements related to Account Level you will receive that achievement after your first online game.
  • If you’ve previously met requirements for achievements related to Legend Level you will receive that achievement after leveling up any Legend to level 5 or higher.
  • All other achievements will need to be earned anew.
  • Note: PS4 Trophies will be activated in a later patch.


  • Changed networking algorithm slightly so that delay will respond to lag spikes more quickly, but also they should clear up more quickly. You shouldn’t need to logout and back in to help clear up the effects of the lag spike. Please let us know how this affects you.

Keybinding Improvements

  • Num Lock Protection: PC players who rebind controls to number pad keys while Num Lock is on will also have those bindings mirrored to work in case the Num Lock key is accidentally pressed off during play.
  • For example, if you bind Primary Quick Attack to “NUM_1”, Secondary Quick Attack will automatically get bound to “End”. Likewise, binding Secondary Quick Attack to “NUM_1” will automatically bind Primary Quick Attack to “End”.
  • It will not work this way if Num Lock is off, however, so binding Primary Move Left to “Left” will not also bind Secondary Move Left to “NUM_4”.
  • This is done when you are setting bindings, so it will not be done retroactively. Any current custom keyboard bindings you have will not be affected by this change. You must rebind your controls if you want this to take effect.


  • New Dash sounds!
  • Button click audio feedback is now more prominent.
  • All UI screens now play feedback audio when a cursor moves and or makes a selection.
  • Added notification feedback audio for bottom left popup.
  • Added level roulette animation audio feedback to character select.
  • Added level selection audio feedback to character select.
  • Added Ready Banner and general Legend lock in audio feedback to character select.
  • Added audio feedback for login gold bonus screen.
  • Improved chest opening fanfare audio in store.
  • Refund item feedback audio added to the store.
  • Purchase feedback audio added to the store.
  • The purchase feedback view in the store will now play audio feedback for Legends.
  • The item view in the store will now play audio feedback for Legends.

New Legend Rotation

This week’s new Legend Rotation features Bodvar, Caspian, Diana, Jhala, Mirage, and Ulgrim.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that delayed Fast Fall after a Dash Jump if holding forward. (Credit: Diakou)
  • Fixed a bug causing UI sounds triggered by mouse interactions to play louder than ones triggered by keyboard and controller.
  • Fixed a bug in Training and the Powers Viewer where keyboard inputs while paused would all get saved and executed once the next frame was reached. It will now work the same as controllers do where only inputs that are still held when the next frame is reached are registered.

In other news, the Brawlhalla World Championships are just around the corner! Up to thirty-two of the world’s best Brawlhalla players will qualify to compete for a prize pool of $100,000 and the title of Brawlhalla World Champion! The event takes place on November 3-5 at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, Georgia.

An early schedule has been released for the event, for those wishing to plan their weekend out. Be advised that changes can be made at the discretion of the organizers.

Players can also go here to sign up for the Waterfall Brackets!

Brawlhalla is free to download and play on Steam right now. Those wishing to play the beta on the Playstation 4 console can either sign up here or purchase the Brawlhalla Founders Pack at the Playstation Store, which grants immediate access to the beta once it is downloaded. Price tag is $19.99.

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