Patch Notes for @InjusticeGame 2’s July Update

Patch time for Injustice 2!

The next time you boot up your Playstation 4 or Xbox One, you should be prompted to download Version 1.05 for your copy of Injustice 2. The update file should be 1.118 GB in size.

Wondering what to expect from this update? Like with the June update, it mostly consists of bug fixes and stability improvements, although a few adjustments for specific characters did make it in there.

We’ll leave you to read the whole thing for yourself at this page, but as a preview of what to expect, below is an excerpt covering the general changes for the game:

General Gameplay fixes

  • General offline & online stability improvements
  • Move list corrections
  • Forward and Backward dashes now require a more precise input when buffered
  • Setting Input Shortcuts Off in controller settings makes buffered special move checks in cancel windows, reversals, & wakeups have to be more precise
  • Bug fixes to lingering visual and sound effects related to some Multiverse Modifiers
  • Players now receive reduced experience bonuses when playing against an opponent of much lower levels.
  • Added Restart Match option to the pause menu in Multiverse where applicable
  • Removed Event Select and Main Menu from the pause menu in the Endless event.
  • Added End Event Run option to pause menu in the Endless event which grants rewards as if you lost your current match.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the boss version of Brainiac to become unresponsive if Drone Summon attack was interrupted at a specific time
  • Fixed several issues with resetting practice mode while using interactions
  • Adjusted misaligned bomb visual placements when done in certain situations (hit regions were not affected)
  • Fixed lingering visual effect errors on several interactions when they were interrupted or used in specific situations
  • Fixed an issue that caused some users to receive an excessive amount of Guild and Mother Box notifications at once
  • Users now have access to a Quick Open Next option after opening a Mother Box
  • Modifier descriptions are now shown before a Multiverse match where applicable
  • Multiverse Meta-Challenges are better highlighted
  • Added quick scroll buttons to the character list in the Customize Characters menu
  • Users can now Mark All As Seen in the Customize Characters menu to clear the ‘new’ indicator
  • Several projectile attacks have been changed to interact correctly with projectile affecting special moves (such as Captain Cold’s The Wall MeterBurn). These moves are:
    • Batman – Sky Grapple
    • Black Adam – Power of Aton Gear Ability
    • Captain Cold – Upward Cold Blast Gear Ability
    • Cyborg – Up Nova Blast MeterBurn
    • Deadshot – Bullet Barrage
    • Green Lantern – Air Battery Blast
    • Green Lantern – Air Oa’s Rocket Gear Ability
    • Red Hood – Air Akimbo Blaze MeterBurn

The list then proceeds to cover specific fixes applied to stages and characters, though their effect on game balance appears to be minimal at best.

Here’s one example of a tactic that’s been impacted by this patch thus far…

The video above, created and released by Method REO, illustrates a setup with Batman that allows him to use his trait to start a combo after the opponent successfully techs a throw. This effectively punishes the opponent for correctly anticipating and escaping a throw attempt, creating a situation that removes all risk for Batman whilst drastically enhancing his reward. However, the following patch note should negate this set-up:

  • Batman – Fixed a bug which allowed for the Mechanical Bats Character Power to sometimes be able to attack in situations where you were in a throw state

We recommend checking out REO’s content, by the way. Social media pages will be linked at the end of this post.

Undoubtedly other set-ups like this might be affected by Version 1.05, though we’ve yet to collect player feedback. With EVO 2017 coming up, though, it’s probably for the best to keep balance adjustments to a minimum, a sentiment that NRS apparently shares given this patch and their June update.

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