Patch 2.64 live for @Brawlhalla + Update on PS4 Beta

Tonight, Patch 2.64 hits the Brawlhalla servers with quite a lengthy update. Upgrades have been made to the Brawlball mechanic, art and animations as well as new skins and content for existing characters. Blue Mammoth Games has also added in some test features for which they’re eager to receive feedback from the players. And most importantly, we’re given another update on the progress for Brawlhalla’s PS4 beta.

The full patch notes can be seen here, but we’ll provide a quick look at the test features that have been either modified or added in as well as bug fixes. Enjoy!

Fadeaway Reduction

  • Instead of changing friction, we greatly decreased the ability to steer an aerial power backwards while touching the ground.

Cooldown Bonus On Hit

  • Dramatically reduced the cooldown penalty on successful attacks.
  • Put differently, when landing any attack you may now use that same attack again, faster than you would be able to if your first attack of that kind did not hit.

UI and Animation

  • Updated the in-game pause menu with new art and icons.
  • Removed a small jitter on the shoulder of Brynn’s idle animation in character select.
  • Relayered Sentinel’s head in his character select to reduce clipping.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Dmg Taken stat on the scoreboard screen would not always be correct in team games.
  • Fixed a bug where PS4 icons were treated as default controller icons on the rejoin screen.

To read up on the developers’ feedback about each change, visit their blog.

Additionally, we’d like to note that the game will enter its fifth season in two weeks. Get ready for a new chapter about your grind!

As far as the PS4 beta goes, the team has stated that they have a collection of American beta keys on hand and are still in the process of collecting keys for the EU servers. Bugs are still being squashed as they make the final touches to their beta, and once that’s done, we can look forward to hearing from them via email. If you’ve signed up for the closed beta, you should see a beta key in your email this weekend.

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