Patch 2.61 live for @Brawlhalla + Update on PS4 Port

Another week means another patch for Brawlhalla! This one introduces the Sandstorm Chest as an item available for purchase in the Malhalla shop. The chest contains:

  • Anubis Mirage
  • God King Teros
  • Amun-Raza

We also see a new Brawl of the Week and updates to the test features currently existing in the change, including an adjustment made as per a request from the community. Balance changes have also been introduced for a selection of weapons to bring them more in line with the rest of the arsenal for Combo Breaker. Full details on the patch can be viewed here.

The team had plans to get the servers for Brawlhalla’s PS4 beta online last week, but these have yet to come to fruition. However, they’re making it a point to keep us updated via patch notes every week. From this update, we learn that the PS4 port is still getting bugs squashed and performance improvements are still being applied, so that the players will have little to no issues with the beta once it is launched.

Players can still sign up for the chance to get into the PS4 closed beta by going to this link.

While we’re discussing Brawlhalla, we’d like to congratulate the winners of the Brawlhalla Spring Championships, which saw thousands of players attending from both North America and Europe! From NA, LDZ dominated the singles brackets while 3sUp Starlight and Noble Astronout took doubles, whereas over at Europe, M for Mini claimed victory in singles and Reason’s Addymestic and Cake swept through doubles!

The Brawlhalla Circuit continues this Saturday with GoTE 4TheKids 2017. For more details, visit their Smash.GG page.

We applaud Blue Mammoth Games for creating a successful esports title and for their continuous support of the scene! If you’d like to try the game for yourself before it comes to PS4, check out their page at Steam to download it on your PC for free!

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