Patch 2.60 now live for @Brawlhalla + PS4 Beta goes live this week!

The latest update to Brawlhalla comes with more than extra in-game content. It’s been a while, but we’re finally on the verge of having access to a closed beta for the game’s PS4 port!

As can be expected, Patch 2.60 introduces revamped animations and a Platform Fighter mode for the Brawl of the Week. It also introduces a support option for the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, allowing you to connect it to your PC so that you may use it for the game. You can read up on the full change-log here.

The portion of the patch notes that grabbed our attention the most is – you guessed it – the PS4 beta. See below for that segment of the notes.

  • PS4 Servers come online this week! PS4 Servers will be PlayStation exclusive for the beginning of Closed Beta, we’ll be looking into crossplay functionality as the Closed Beta progresses.
  • PS4 Servers are located along side our PC server locations. During closed beta you can expect to play on your server of choice between US-E, US-W, Brazil, EU, Australia, and SEA. 
  • We are planning to submit our certification build on Friday! For those unfamiliar with the details, cert is the last step of tests and checks we need to go through before the Closed Beta can go live on PS4. Think of it as the final mile of a marathon. We’re almost home!
  • You can still sign up for the PS4 closed beta at!

Make sure you have a Playstation Plus subscription active when you purchase the beta, as that’s your ticket to playing online for any game on the Playstation 4.

Additionally, the fact that they’ve mentioned crossplay gives us hope that we’ll be able to see the PC and PS4 players competing with one another from different platforms, similar to what is done for Street Fighter V and Killer Instinct. We’ll update you when we learn more!

If you’re a PC player and you’d like to get started on learning Brawlhalla right now, check out their Steam page here! It is free to download and play and it’s updated every Wednesday!

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