Stream.Me partners with @CircaeSports LLC!

The Stream.Me team is pleased to announce that we’ve forged a partnership with Circa eSports LLC, a crew that has quickly amassed attention in the fighting game community through the efforts of team members such as Nicky, Anakin, LPN and Destroyer!

Circa eSports was founded in February 2015 as a primarily North American company that houses numerous players boasting incredible competitive talent. Their dedication towards nurturing their players along with the FGC has been outstanding and it hasn’t slowed down throughout the two years they’ve existed. Stream.Me is excited to walk towards a prosperous future with Circa’s efforts intertwining with theirs!

As a result of this partnership, Circa Nicky will be streaming exclusively from his Stream.Me page. Circa Nicky, a Fulgore specialist with a dose of Mira on the side, boasts an incredible consistency with his top placings in competitive Killer Instinct, including a 3rd/4th place from last week’s KrossUp bracket (more on that here)! If you so happen to be a Killer Instinct fan, we encourage you to follow his channel – you won’t be disappointed!

To learn more about the Circa team, check out their Twitter and their official website listed below.

Circa eSports Twitter –
Circa eSports Official Website –