Report: Paris Saint-Germain Invested €20 Million For Their Entry Into eSports

According to a report from French-language broadcaster TV5 Monde, Paris Saint-Germain has invested €20 million in their entry to esports.

If you don’t speak French however, here is a breakdown. The TV5 Monde news anchor says at the beginning of the segment “€20 million invested and one promise: to win all video game matches. It’s why Paris Saint-Germain presented its new recruits with great pomp.”

The report, however (credited to Bastien Borie, Guillaume Gouet and Alexandre Ageneau), does not cite a specific source when discussing the €20 million figure.

G2 Esports founder Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez reacted to the the TV5 MONDE report on his official Twitter, saying that the €20 million figure was actually false.

PSG made their official entry to eSports on October 20th, where they revealed that Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim would manage their esports division.

Even if the sum represents an all the initial investments and not an annual operating budget, it’s unclear how exactly that money would be spent. When ESPN esports’ Jacob Wolf reported that PSG had purchased the team’s Challenger Series spot from Team HUMA, the reported cost was $70,000, which (for those that done know the currency exchange) is on €64,309. So where does the rest of that money come from?

While PSG have not directly commented on the report, they did however respond nebulously to a tweet discussing the €20 million figure.


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