Panda Global’s @PG_ESAM becomes an Ambassador for Nintendo!

A week ago, Panda Global’s ESAM, a top-level Pikachu specialist from Smash 4, announced his new position as an ambassador for the highly successful gaming brand called Nintendo!

As ESAM states, he’s played games from Nintendo since his childhood, particularly the Smash Bros. series. This thrilling excitement marks another occasion where the developers of our favorite fighting games further solidify their connection with their players!

As an ambassador for Nintendo, he’ll be traveling to various retail stores to assist the company with marketing their products. Skills associated with the role include social media management, marketing, event management, and so on.

This opportunity comes to him on a year during which Nintendo has come to embrace the competitive communities that support their products, such as Splatoon 2, ARMS, the Smash franchise and Pokken Tournament. As a competitor himself, ESAM will have more chances to nurture the growth of esports whilst assisting Nintendo with advertisement.

ESAM has been competing in Smash since the age of 16, back when Brawl was a supported title at MLG Dallas 2010. Since the entrance of Smash 4 (or Wii-U), he’s become regularly sighted in the Top 3 of brackets. His achievements include second place finishers for both Brawl and Wii-U back in Super Smash Con, as well as second place in Shine 2016 for Smash 4. Shine is a Smash-centric event that will feature other fighting game titles in its lineup this year, and it will be making a return to Boston this weekend – make sure to check it out when it happens!

Additionally, he’s defended his title as Smash 4 Champion at Combo Breaker for two years in a row! After becoming the CB champion last year, he went on to take Smash 4 at Paradigm Shift.

Congratulations to ESAM for taking on his new role as an ambassador for a company that produces the games he loves! Make sure to follow him on Twitter to stay updated on his endeavors.