Panda Global signs Street Fighter V player, Punk!

Panda Global has gained another family member for its herd by signing Anbu Punk, one of the players invited to the ELEAGUE Street Fighter V invitational!

Punk was primarily an online warrior before Street Fighter V came into the FGC last year. That’s when he decided to take his talents with Karin Kanzuki offline. At first his opponents, not having any knowledge of Punk, took him for granted, but his smugness is completely justified by how strong his gameplay has become. He’d once trained with Liquid Nuckledu repeatedly (and likely still does) before Red Bull Battle Grounds ran its course last year, where their preparation would be put to the test.

Before and after Red Bull, Punk has been flustering the East Coast with his Karin. He would go on to qualify for the Battle Grounds in last year’s Fall Season. He defeated legends such as Justin Wong and Chris Tatarian to make it into Top 8, only to suffer a narrow 2-3 loss to Echo Fox Tokido’s Ryu. Not one to be discouraged, Punk continued his domination offline by winning Street Fighter V for Winter Brawl 11, which would be the game’s last event before Season 2 came to pass.

As Punk is now one of the players chosen to compete in the ELEAGUE SFV Invitational at the end of March, his new home with Panda Global is sure to provide him with the tools necessary to prepare himself for the competition. Legends such as Tokido, Daigo Umehara, Justin Wong, etc. will be present at ELEAGUE, and the preliminaries will be broadcast live on TBS every Friday night starting March 27th.

For players looking to familiarize themselves with the mindset of Anbu Punk – erm, excuse me, PG Punk – check out this interview from the Capcom Fighters YouTube channel, where Punk elaborates on his experience at the Red Bull Battle Grounds North American Qualifier from 2016.

Sincere congratulations to PG Punk for this opportunity with Panda Global! We wish him the best of luck as he takes his SFV career to the next level! Follow Punk at his Twitter to stay updated on his adventure!