Panda Global signs @mtlhayatei and @KitanaPrime!

Panda Global welcomes two shining stars from the galaxy that is the NRS scene: Kitana Prime and Hayatei!

If you don’t know who Kitana Prime is, you’re fresh blood in the FGC. His presence at FGC events is infectious given his outgoing personality and a strong will to contribute. If you are a newcomer to the scene, he will go out of his way to ensure that you feel welcome. What a guy!

Kitana Prime is a competitor himself, but to him, it’s a secondary priority. You can almost always catch him behind the mic where he presents the perfect combination of player analysis and mid-match comedy. He is currently casting the finals of every Kombat Cup bracket alongside Mr Aquaman every Wednesday evening at 8 P.M. EST.

As for hayatei, the NRS scene knows him as the upcoming Ronin Takeda specialist who made waves in the finale of ESL Season 3 after entering the series during its later brackets. He would battle his way to the Grand Finals at Combo Breaker 2016 to take on F0xy Grampa, and he would also climb atop the big stage at the Mandalay Bay to be recognized among the eight best MKXL players at Evolution 2016. With the arrival of the October 2016 patch, hayatei was more than prepared to continue riding the waves of stardom by placing in the Top 8 at SoCal Regionals, where he would fall to Echo Fox’s Scar and SonicFox after a fierce struggle.

Here’s some quick clips of hayatei’s amazing gameplay.

With Panda Global’s recent acquisition, you can certainly expect great things from both of these gentlemen.

Something else to note is that the PG crew plans to introduce a program called #PGStats, also known as the “PGR,” into the Netherrealm scene. What exactly it entails is unclear, but they have promised to reveal more information in the near future.

Make sure to give them a follow at their Twitter accounts! Best of luck to these guys.

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