Overwatch’s Year Of The Rooster Event Ready To Play

We know from the teaser announcement that Blizzard’s Overwatch will be having a new event. We also learned from the launch trailer that the event starts today, Tuesday Jan. 24th. We also know the name and a few of the skins that were leaked, well now we have the full gambit of what content will be included in the new event Year of the Rooster
Just like in previous events, there will be a new game mode. This season they will be adding a capture-the-flag affair. Take a look below for an overview of the new game mode.Unfortunately this is everything we can take from the trailer:

  • New event game modes have historically been assigned to one specific map in the game, and it seems that Lijiang Tower will – fittingly enough – be the home of this latest mode. However, this is not confirmed and could also be in other maps.
  • Anyone can collect the flag for their team.
  • There’s a very brief moment in the trailer at 1:08 where you can see a red and a blue flag on the battlefield simultaneously.
  • It’s not entirely certain, but we do not see Roadhog rushing to pick up the flag after Tracer drops it, which suggests you can’t steal the enemy team’s flag.
  • Based on the above, we have to speculate that the objective is to maximise the time you hold onto your own flag, while simultaneously disrupting the enemy team’s possession. If this is correct, there’ll likely be a timer related to the event.
The end date for the event has been confirmed as Monday 13th February, so fans have more time to grind out those loot boxes than they originally thought. 
We already know that there will be a decent selection of Skins to get hold of when the content patch goes live. Here’s a very rough gallery of images were actually pulled directly from the trailer.
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