Overwatch’s Next Hero Finally Announced

Don’t worry heroes! Finally after a series of, what seemed like, never ending teases over the last two weeks, Blizzard has officially unveiled the 24th addition to Overwatch‘s roster: Orisa.

Orissa will be part of the Tank-class. She is a character whose “gameplay is engineered around protection.” Yet she seems to be able to handle herself on the offensive as well. Pay attention to the names of her moves because they do sound like they were named by an 11 year old which completely lines up with Blizzard’s story. Her weapon is the Fusion Driver, an automatic cannon that deals constant damage but slows her movement speed, much in the way D.Va slows down while firing. The alternate fire is Halt, which launches a charge that she can detonate to slow enemies and pull them towards the explosion, like a mix between Symmetra’s Energy Ball and a mini version of Zarya’s Ult.

Her announced abilities include Fortify, which reduces the damage she takes and makes her immune to “action-impairing effects.” The other ability is called Protective Barrier, which is a stationary barrier that can be deployed to block enemy attacks. Her Ultimate is named Supercharger, which launches a device that buffs damage done by any teammates in its line of sight. However, the device itself can be destroyed by enemies.

Fans that are part of the PTR realm can actually try out Orisa now on the PC. For the rest of us, unfortunately a date for her release in the live game has not been announced. However, taking in consideration of previous released characters it may only be a few days. You can see all of her skins in the gallery below.

For more details, below is a new video that Blizzard’s own Jeff Kaplan explains the origins and moves going into Orisa.


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