Overwatch’s Newest Character Doomfist Hits Consoles

Since yesterday (7/27), the highly anticipated character Doomfist finally made his way out of PTR and into the hands of all players of Overwatch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out his official launch trailer below.

After a few weeks in PTR it was apparent that He might be a tad overpowered. So Blizzard has already made a patch to make some changes to the way he works.  For example, The range of his Rocket Punch was slightly reduced, while his Ultimate gained a UI indicator to help gauge how effective it will be, since it may not actually be a one shot kill. Like with all new characters there is plenty to learn but he is clearly already a fan favorite.

The patch they launched with the new character gives some much needed buffs and nerfs to other characters as well. Reinhardt’s hammer will now be swung more quickly, while Zarya’s Ultimate receives a buff so that it now disables all movement abilities for those suckers trapped inside . McCree’s Flash-bang slows enemies more, Reaper’s Shadow Step sound effect and voiceover have been muffled, and D.Va has new sound effects and voice lines for her Defense Matrix, included a new one so you know when you’ve had your projectile Ult absorbed. The update also dramtically reduces the possibilities of duplicates in Loot Boxes.

For a full rundown on those all those new features, check out the full patch notes on Blizzard’s website. You can see some of the better sections below.


  • Adjusted the respawn timing to limit defensive stalling strategies when the offensive team has a clear advantage and plays aggressively

Custom Games and Game Browser

  • Clarified the text on the “Flag Carrier” options under the Capture the Flag settings for Custom Games
  • Removed the “Projectile Speed” and “Projectile Gravity” options for heroes who do not have projectile weapons
  • Minimum movement speed has been changed to 50% (formerly 10%)
  • Players can no longer select Roadhog during Limited 1v1 matches

User Interface

  • Added ability to create customized reticles
    • Reticle options can be found under the “Controls” tab in the “Options” menu (click the “Advanced” expander under the “Reticle” heading)
  • The name of Mercy’s “Stethoscope” spray has been changed to “Heartbeat”
  • Statistics gathered from 6v6 Elimination matches will now be added to statistics in the Career Profile
  • Tie games will no longer be included in the win percentage calculation that’s listed under the Player Profile

Hero Updates


  • Defense Matrix
    • New sound effects and voice lines have been added, indicating when Defense Matrix has absorbed an enemy’s ultimate ability


  • Deflect
    • New sound effects and voice lines have been added, indicating when an enemy’s ultimate ability has been deflected


  • Flashbang
    • Stunned targets are now slowed heavily, meaning they’re less likely to escape while stunned (especially while in the air)

Developer Comment: This change will make McCree’s Flashbang consistent against fast-moving targets like Genji or Lúcio.


  • Shadow Step
    • Sound effect and VO distance has been reduced by 50%

Developer Comment: Even though Shadow Step wasn’t intended to be used as a way for players to teleport right next to an enemy without their knowledge, the sound effects were audible from distances that made teleportation difficult from nearly anywhere. This change allows Reaper to be a bit more sneaky with his flanking options.


  • Rocket Hammer
    • Swing speed increased by 10%

Developer Comment: In the last update, Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer had an issue that allowed players with higher latency to swing faster. We fixed this bug, which suddenly made the swing speed feel too slow, so we’re compensating by increasing his standard swing speed. During this process, we also found and fixed a few bugs with Rocket Hammer’s hit registration. Overall, the hammer should feel much better.


  • Graviton Surge
    • Now disables mobility abilities on all affected targets

Developer Comment: In the past, the abilities that allowed heroes to escape Zarya’s Graviton Surge felt fairly arbitrary. We’re cleaning this up and increasing Graviton Surge’s overall power by rendering all movement abilities unusable when an enemy is trapped.