Overwatch PIT Championship Adds Itself to 2017’s Lineup

Overwatch is adding another tournament to the 2017 lineup with the introduction of the Overwatch PIT Championship, organized by The One Game Agency.

The event will run from March 20th to April 19th and will feature twelve teams per region, ten attending through a direct invite and two coming from qualifiers. The groups and format are simple: the twelve teams will be split into two groups of six, with group stages being played in a best-of-three round robin format. The top four teams from each group will advance to the playoffs, though the format has not yet been specified.

“Our aim is to deliver the Overwatch community and our partners and sponsors an event packed with quality moments, amazing plays and passionate competition worthy of this epic Blizzard Entertainment game,” said The One Game Agency CEO and Founder, Ivan Marusic, on the new championship series.

A total of $15,000 USD is being offered, with nearly half of that being awarded to the team that comes in first place. If you want the full prize breakdown, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:

Place Winnings (Approx.)
First $6,800
Second $3,800
Third $2,700
Fourth $1,800

As for the teams invited, it’s clear that The One Game Agency was looking for stacked competition. However, the requirements for receiving a direct invitation were not disclosed in the press release.

North America Europe
Immortals Ninjas in Pyjamas
compLexity Gaming Beach Boys
FaZe Clan Team Dignitas
LG.Loyal Hammers Esport
Rise Nations LDLC
Team Liquid Misfits
NRG Esports EX Tornado ROX
Renegades OW eUnited
Rogue Movistar Riders
LG.Evil Gamers Origins

Registration for the Open Qualifiers has already gone live so, if your team is up to the challenge, click here to sign up as a North American team and here for the European qualifiers. The rules and map rotation are pretty standard, but it’s worth nothing that stand-ins will not be allowed, so the same six players must compete throughout the entire qualifying event.

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