Overwatch Intends To Include More Punishments To Overwatch

If you have been playing Overwatch, you will know how frustrating it is when a player drops out of the game for little to no reason.  Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan knows how frustrating this can be for players and has been talking about implementing harsher penalties for those who try and ruin the game for others.

Fans have already seen a little about this already. A few Competitive Seasons ago, the first wave punished leavers with XP penalties and matchmaking timeouts. Now, there seems to be more on the way, particularly for offenders in normal play as well.

After being asked, “Why don’t we punish them [quiting/throwers players] in a way that will hurt them? They don’t give a crap if they’re silenced, they just keep throwing.” Game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed on the the game’s forums that, “There is a post coming about updates to the punishment system coming soon.”

This was met by mostly positive responses. Overwatch rounds, like in many team-based games, can sometimes be very frustrating when players are throwing matches, harassing others, or quitting. While we don’t have all the specifics just yet, Kaplan is taking it pretty seriously and will be addressing it soon. Stay Tuned to StreamMe for more information as it is released.

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