Overwatch Console Players Finally Get A Report Feature

The next Overwatch patch coming to consoles is going to add one feature that players have been kind of asking for since launch. That is, of course, the player reporting feature, which has been available on PC but somehow never made it to PS4 or Xbox One.

Overwatch’s next patch, version 1.14, will be the one to add the often requested feature. Now console players will have more of a reason to be salty while losing because they can report right away to Blizzard.

Game director, Jeff Kaplan, revealed the news directly to the Blizzard forums. This is the same patch currently on the PTR, the one that has the new deathmatch and team deathmatch modes, which has also been a tad controversial. However, keeping in good spirits Kaplan said,

“Thanks for being so patient with us. Also, it’s important to note the reporting system and punishments are very much an ongoing development for us. “Improvements will continue over time. We are working on increased punishments for high-frequency offenders, email notifications when your reports result in disciplinary action (we’re experimenting with this right now and we’ll expand this as we refine it) and eventually notifications in the game client when your report results in disciplinary action.”

Unfortunately, the patch wasn’t given a release date but stay tuned to StreamMe for more information as it announced. What do you think about a report button being added to the consoles? Do you think it could be harmful or toxic to the community? Do you think it would help? Tell us on our Twitter!