Overdrive Series returns with Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2!

Guilty Gear players, remember the Overdrive Series?! Well, it’s baaaaaack…and better than ever!

Throughout all of June, players can compete in Guilty Gear’s latest update via the PC platform – Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2! The second Overdrive Series will carry over its ruleset from its predecessor, with only one difference…the ultimate prize will be a fully paid trip to CEOtaku 2017, the Anime FGC’s biggest event hosted annually in Orlando!

For those who never tuned in for the first Overdrive Series, players will compete every week in June for league points. These points are crucial in your efforts to win a trip to CEOtaku 2017. This trip will be awarded only to the player with the greatest amount of points at the end of the league. Prizes for runner-ups have yet to be announced.

Players from North America (including Mexico and Canada) are eligible to compete for as long as they are at least thirteen years of age. They must also have at least 3 mbps for their upload speed and their device must be wired via an ethernet cable. Additionally, if you wish to broadcast your matches, you may only do so via the StreamMe service. Points will be distributed across the players who place in the Top 16 of each bracket.

There are four qualifiers in total. Each one will start every Monday at 6 P.M. Pacific Time with Top 8 finals set to follow on Tuesdays at 7 P.M. Please make sure you are following the Overdrive Series StreamMe page and have your notifications set so that you’ll be alerted to our broadcasts.

As a quick recap of the first Overdrive Series in April, Blue Hurricane’s AMurderOfBears made a clean sweep throughout the entire circuit to win his trip to Evolution 2017. His only loss he’d sustained was at the hands of Foo in Week 4 (we don’t count his time in Loser’s Bracket on Week 2 as he was sent there due to a failure to show for his first match). Will he make a return to petrify the competition, or will Foo continue to spell out his undoing?!

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All tournament footage can be found at our YouTube page here.

The second Overdrive Series is brought to you by StreamMe and our friends over at Level-Up Series! For a full breakdown on the league, check out this blog post from Level-Up’s website! To sign up, head over to www.smash.gg/overdrive-series-june! Entry is completely FREE.

We’re pleased by the success of the first circuit and so we’re honored to give it a second try! Fans of Guilty Gear, we encourage you to sign up and bring your A-game – you won’t be disappointed by the experience!

XRD Revelator 2 will officially release in America on May 31st for the PC platform (and presumably for PS3 and PS4 as well). If you have the original Revelator installed, check out this post for details on how to get your machine ready for the update!

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