Over 3,000 players have signed up for @ComboBreakerFGC 2017!

The title says it all.

Online registration for Combo Breaker 2017 recently concluded and the final online numbers have just been released via their official Twitter. The two posts below reveal where the numbers for each game currently stand. Bear in mind that players can still sign up at the Mega Center when the event unfolds next weekend, so as such, these are not to be considered final but rather a preview of what is to come.

What’s particularly astonishing is that, despite that Red Bull Kumite and the ELEAGUE finals are taking place at the exact same time as Combo Breaker, Street Fighter V still succeeded in pulling over six-hundred players into its brackets! Additionally, as it is the first official major for Injustice 2, the newly released DC fighting game currently boasts the second-highest amount of entrants – 363, to be precise. XRD Revelator 2 closely trails Injustice at 316 players.

These three titles are part of an ongoing series of qualifies for championship brackets for different leagues:

  • Capcom Pro Tour Premier Event (SFV)
  • Injustice 2 Pro Series (Injustice 2)
  • Burst League (Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2)

If you decided to just catch up on Red Bull and ELEAGUE after Combo Breaker, here’s an amazing little twist: the Mega Center¬†will have viewing areas¬†available to play out the broadcasts for both events while CB is ongoing! Even better is that the venue will be available ALL DAY for the whole weekend. So whenever you’re not training, you can relax and catch up on the Street Fighter V competition happening around the globe!

Another thing to note: you now get to see who registered for what games by going straight to Combo Breaker’s Smash.GG page and clicking the Attendants tab for each game on the page! If you registered but do not see your name among the entrants, be sure to reach out to them immediately!

We’re two weeks away from the arrival of one of the FGC’s biggest majors in Illinois! It’s not too late for you to join in on the fun whether you’re planning to spectate or compete, so visit Combo Breaker’s website right now and make your reservations!