Over $100,000 have been awarded to the @Brawlhalla competitive community!

This week, the Brawlhalla competitive community hit a huge milestone in the amount of earnings they’ve received from over a hundred tournaments since the game’s release in 2015.

According to a Twitter post from Fodakahn, eSports Director for Brawlhalla at Blue Mammoth Games, competitors have made over $100,000 total from tournaments recorded since July 25, 2015! Fodakahn expresses his confidence that this amount will double by the end of 2017, a prediction that seems justified when you consider the size of the Brawlhalla scene.

Seriously, just look at the number of players signed up for these brackets at the Brawlhalla Circuit! They’re all over the place! And speaking of the Brawlhalla Circuit, its goal is to decide on the thirty-two players that will be invited to the Brawlhalla World Championship, which takes place this November in Atlanta, GA! How much money is at stake there? Why, $100,000, of course!

Incidentally, StreamMe is hosting its doubles brackets for the Legend Series next weekend! See the link above, which will take you to a list of brackets you can scroll through to find our events. Broadcasts will be hosted at the Legend Series StreamMe page, where you will find more details.

Anyways, congratulations to the Brawlhalla scene for all their hard work and to Blue Mammoth Games for producing a title with such a level of success! Here’s to more mega-sized events to come!

Want to try out Brawlhalla? It’s currently available on PC and is free to play, so you can download it here. The game will come to the Playstation 4 console this summer, but first a closed beta test will be conducted in May to make sure the port is fully optimized. See this article to learn more!

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