Over 1.6 million units for @Tekken 7 sold worldwide!

As we walked up the doorsteps of the previous weekend, Bandai Namco’s latest earnings report rolled out. The company had initially set a goal for the amount of units that would be sold for Tekken 7, their latest addition to their trademark 3D fighting franchise (released in June 2, 2017). The goal was to sell 2.1 million units by the end of this year.

How many units has Tekken 7 sold thus far? Over 1.6 million, which means that they are already around twenty percent away from reaching this milestone!

Safe to say, the game has proven to be a highly popular hit in the worldwide gaming community, perhaps selling more units than Bandai Namco had initially anticipated despite that the game has only been available for slightly over two months. Also worth noting is that we have yet to enter the phase where DLC is integrated into the game, unless you count Eliza who is now available for a separate purchase as of July 28th (previously, you could only play her if you’d pre-ordered your copy).

The Tekken World Tour is in full swing this year, and as of last week they have announced an online circuit for the tour. Australia has just played out their brackets across the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms last weekend. Their finals will reach its conclusion this week.

According to a post released by BearUNLV from the Smash.GG team, over a thousand players have entered TWT online events since its unveiling last week, with no signs of a slowdown in its growth!

Tekken 7 is now available for the platforms named above. First DLC pack, which will feature the return of a glorious mode called Ultimate Tekken Bowl, is due for release later this month. The second DLC pack containing Geese Howard from the Fatal Fury series will release later this winter.

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