@OpTicGaming will make a corporate relocation from Chicago to Dallas!

Over two weeks ago, OpTic Gaming took to the Internet to announce plans for a corporate relocation from Chicago all the way to Dallas!

Here is a screenshot of their announcement, taken from their website.

This revelation follows the disclosure of a recent sponsorship deal forged between OpTic Gaming and Chipotle, a Mexican restaurant chain that has been in business since 1993. This acquisition marks OpTic as the team with the most sponsors that do not specialize in esports: Turtle Wax, Brisk and Chipotle.

As a result of their relocation to Dallas, all of the OpTic Gaming crew will finally be sharing living accommodations, as the company plans to acquire a series of apartments to house all of their members so as to provide them with a training ground.

In 2006, OpTic Gaming was founded by a group of friends who shared a thirst for competitive Call of Duty. But in an era when capture cards and streaming hadn’t exploded, overseeing matches proved nearly impossible. This resulted in the cancellation of many tournaments they’d planned to participate in. However, NxGamers came along and sponsored OpTic Gaming…under the condition that they participate only in matches hosted by the organization’s website. The team had to rely on virtual referees in order to verify results.

Plague Prestige proved to be the answer to their challenge of finding an actual referee, as they volunteered to oversee a match for OpTic Gaming. Afterward, the referee developed a relationship with Optic’s co-founder, OpticJ, and eventually the two joined forces, although the decision risked a sensitive situation with NxGamers. Prestige renamed himself to Optic H3CZ after joining the organization.

Later on in their competitive career, OpTicJ passed the mantle of leadership over to H3CZ. With the help of his brother OpTic TumorS, the crew became recognized as a threat in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series. When gaming videos evolved into a monstrous phenomenon on YouTube, H3CZ laid out the groundwork for OpTic Nation. In 2009, he launched their first gameplay montage which quickly went viral. Following the growth in their list of results, OpticJ was gifted with an opportunity in the marketing side and immediately took it in order to rejoin the crew.

For years, the team’s leading members continued to guide OpTic into the higher realms of esports. As Call of Duty remains one of the biggest entities in competitive gaming, OpTic’s team evolved along with it, bringing in new members with unique skillsets including America’s favorite gamer, OpTic Nadeshot, who became the team’s captain and used his leadership skills to bring the group their first-ever championship win in 2011’s Call of Duty XP Championship. Today, they continue to evolve along with the gaming community, without losing sight of the very friendships that serve as the pillars of its existence.

The move to Dallas has yet to come into effect, but we will be keeping an eye out for news regarding their relocation as the year progresses. In the meantime, follow the pages below to support OpTic Gaming!

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