NRS will showcase Sub-Zero on today’s Watchtower at 3 P.M. CST

In case you missed it, consider this your reminder that Netherrealm Studios has a demonstration for Sub-Zero, Injustice 2’s next DLC fighter, scheduled for today at 3 P.M. Central Time. The team plans to provide a general breakdown of the character’s capabilities, with and without gear enabled.

Click here to see NRS’s Twitter post confirming the above. Although it isn’t directly stated that the stream will focus on Sub-Zero, the image in their post is a dead giveaway if their trends are anything to go by.

Players familiar with Sub-Zero’s Cryomancer variation from Mortal Kombat X will find themselves having an easier time adjusting to the character’s toolset, although Sub-Zero will have some new effects that allow him to fall more in line with Injustice 2’s battle environment, including a brand-new super attack and updated effects for his enhanced specials.

For those who haven’t watched E3 2017 last month, Sub-Zero’s reveal trailer made its debut at the convention’s Injustice 2 panel. See below and enjoy!

Shortly after the announcement, an interview with the guys behind DC All Access surfaced on the Internet. Their special guest? The creative director of the NRS team – Mr. Ed Boon! In their discussion, he talks enthusiastically about the Lin Kuei’s entrance into the Injustice universe. It’s worth giving it a watch!

To reiterate, Sub-Zero comes to the Watchtower today at 3 P.M. Central Time. Players looking to get comfortable with their knowledge of the character, be it to fight against or play as him, will want to tune in!

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