NRS will showcase Firestorm and Scarecrow on the Watchtower this Wednesday!

This Wednesday, we’ll be given another look at a group of characters from the Injustice 2 lineup. Their latest post on Twitter hints towards a demonstration for Scarecrow and Firestorm…at least that’s our prediction. See their post below and judge for yourself!

Tune in this Wednesday at 3 P.M. CST if you’re planning to be either a Firestorm or a Scarecrow main! Have any questions? Include the hashtag #askthewatchtower when you post on Twitter.

In case you missed out on last week’s breakdown for The Flash, Bane and Captain Cold, you can watch this video to catch up. Hint, hint: The Flash and Bane have remained faithful to their Injustice 1 counterparts, but adjustments have been made to the properties of their movesets…including new animations for their Super moves!

Also, a gameplay trailer for The Flash dropped into the Internet this morning. Have a look!

Is it a sheer coincidence that the characters of two of the NRS scene’s most beloved icons, HoneyBee and Biohazard, would be shown on the Watchtower at the same time? Or was it intended? Life is full of mysteries…

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