NRG eSports Changes Their Overwatch Roster

For those of you keeping close attention to the Overwatch eSports world, NRG Esports, formed by the co-owners of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, announced on their Twitter (below) and blog that the following changes to their Overwatch team’s roster would be effective immediately.

“Effective Immediately, Seb “Numlocked” Barton and Mathew “CLOCKWORK” Dias will be joining NRG in the team’s Support and DPS roles. Numlocked will play an instrumental role as a shot-caller on our already talent-ladden squad. CLOCKWORK, formerly of Splyce, will step into the DPS role to round out our roster.”

Yesterday we reported that CLOCKWORK had left Splyce Pro Team and now we know where he ended up. He is mostly known for his DPS characters but is also deadly with Widowmaker. Numlocked came Team Dignitas and is the only one on the team from Great Britain. He just left Dignitas earlier this month and will now be playing the Tank role for NRG. His two best characters are Reinhardt and Roadhog.

These additions are the result of Daniel “Gods” Graeser and Mark “Pookz” Rendon having stepped down from playing competitively for NRG. Although we have yet to find out where they will be playing next, the blog post stated that “Additional information on their new homes will be forthcoming.” Meaning they haven’t given up on their old team mates and hope for their best.

“The NRG family would like to thank Pookz and Gods for their contributions to building this powerhouse Overwatch team. Without their incredible work, we would not be where we are today. We wish them luck on their journey.”

Name Position
Brandon “Seagull” Larned Captain | DPS
Carl “enigma” Yangsheng Flex
Tim “dummy” Olson Support
Nomar “milo” Toledo Tank
Matthew “CLOCKWORK” Dias DPS
Seb “numlocked” Barton  Support

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