Notes on Starfire Gameplay + Ranked Sets coming soon to @InjusticeGame 2

If you had the chance to catch the Watchtower stream today, you’re likely excited for what’s coming. To those who weren’t as fortunate, we’re happy to catch you up on both Starfire’s gameplay and some crucial updates coming to the game soon.

Before we get into Starfire, let’s highlight some important updates the NRS team dropped today. Please note that these will not be implemented in tomorrow’s update for Starfire, but rather, in a future update.

  • Omitted Patch Note: It is now possible to purchase multiple Mother Boxes all at once (this change is already in effect).
  • Ranked matches will now be relabeled Ranked Sets, meaning that you will now race to three wins in a ranked match instead of just one.
  • You can now challenge other players in multiplayer lobbies with Competitive Mode set to on or off, before going to character select.
  • Competitive Player Match mode will be added to online features. You can use this option to enter Player Matches with Competitive Mode already enabled. Regular Player Match will operate without Competitive Mode enabled.

These features are being integrated as per feedback from the player base. Essentially, these updates eliminate the need to implement Competitive Mode before starting every match or set, allowing for tournaments and/or practice sessions to progress smoothly.

With that out of the way, let’s get down to the main subject – Starfire! If you already own the Deluxe Edition or the Ultimate Edition of Injustice 2, you will have early access to the character tomorrow. Those who own neither package will have to wait a bit before they receive the option to purchase her separately. Details on how to do so should be released soon – follow the official InjusticeGame Twitter for updates!

Read on for a video of Starfire on the Watchtower, as well as a collection of notes detailing Starfire’s gameplay:

  • F2 is a high-hitting attack with fantastic range and very quick start-up. It is tied to two strings: F2 1+3 with the second hit being a throw (it will not trigger if the first hit whiffs or is blocked), and F2 2 which contains an overhead that causes a knockdown.
  • her walk speed (or float speed as the NRS team calls it) is noticeably slow.
  • her 1 1 3 combo string is a good choice for an ender. Third hit causes a knockdown.
  • her S2 normal consists of a fast-hitting mid followed by a low attack. Ender causes a knockdown (input for ender not specified). However, the player can input 2 3 to bypass the low in favor of a multi-hitting orb attack. Both versions are safe on block. The string can be special-cancelled.
  • her B1 attack is a low that leads into a two-hit string, both of which are lows. Input for second half of string has not been specified.
  • her B3 and F3 bounce attacks have tremendous range and start-up speeds that are barely noticeable. The F3 consists of a beam attack that zips towards the character’s legs, potentially tricking them into crouching in anticipation of a low (the F3 is overhead).
  • her D2 and D3 attacks consist of beams that cover a good deal of space. She can also perform D+F+3 as a simultaneous input to do a sweep attack with even more range, at the cost of risking punishment.
  • she has a jump-3 attack that can be performed in different directions and with increased length. The attack will connect at a different frame if done in the opposite direction. However, the extended version is highly punishable.
  • she has a projectile special that travels horizontally and connects as a high, but does noticeable damage. If meter-burned, Starfire will follow up with multiple fireballs that fly towards the ground. Can be performed in mid-air.
  • inputting DB1 will cause Starfire to chuck a group of energy bombs at a specified location. The player can input a different direction to choose where the bombs will go. They hit multiple times and leave Starfire at advantage on hit or block.
  • if Starfire meter-burns her DB1, she will conjure an orb that flies towards the opponent. If it hits, the opponent is popped up for a combo. This move is unsafe on block, but if done from a distance, that becomes less of a factor.
  • she has another special attack where she flies in a circle before darting straight for the opponent. If meter-burned, she will perform a follow-up that is safe, but there is a gap in-between the two hits. She has no invincibility during the move so she can be hit out of its active frames. Regular version is unsafe on block.
  • Burning Desire is a special attack that causes Starfire to strike the opponent with her hair. It does not knock them down unless it is meter-burned. If done as a wake-up, it is invincible. Weak against neutral jumps and safe on block.
  • another of her special attacks consists of Starfire extending beams of light around herself as she twirls into the air. Excellent anti-air attack. If the opponent begins neutral-jumping to beat your wake-up Burning Desire, this move is a strong counter. Excellent combo ender. Can be meter-burned for additional hits.
  • she can dash in mid-air.
  • her character power is a high-hitting beam attack. Starfire can cancel her special moves into her character power by simply inputting 4 before the end of her special attack. Can be performed in mid-air. If meter-burned, a mid attack is added to the beam. Similar to Supergirl, how often Starfire can use her trait is dependent on the energy bar below her trait’s icon. Use this move sparingly.
  • her B2 normal consists of cluster bombs that act as a powerful anti-air attack. Can be followed up with a B3 if timed appropriately.

Fun fact: players will be able to customize Starfire so that she resembles Blackfire instead.

Ready to try out Starfire for yourself? Watch your PS4s and/or Xbox Ones closely for her update!

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