There is a new king! @Noble_Tweedy wins Kombat Cup S2 Week 9!

Results for Week 9 of Kombat Cup Season 2 are in! We could go on about how this upholds our tradition of delivering on high-quality matches for you guys, but really, does¬†it need to be said? ūüôā

This week’s Top 8 sees another newcomer entering the ring, a Takeda player who collected some impressive scalps along his journey to the finals: Ins7incts. But he would have his hands full trying to contend with Semiij’s Mileena. After a rough first loss, he finds some leeway with his teleport attack, which instantly leaves Semiij at the mercy of his trademark blockstring that culminates in either a stagger or plus frames. However, Semiij demonstrates his knowledge of the match-up by backdashing the gaps and punishing where possible. Ins7incts was within scratching distance of a win in Game 2, but after eating a jab, he becomes too intimidated to duck the grab which awards the round to Semiij. From there on out, Ins7incts finds himself scrambling to decode Semiij’s approach to the neutral, only to be anti-aired by Mileena’s monstrous D1 poke. With all the momentum in the world, Semiij eliminates Ins7incts 3-0.

For perhaps the millionth time since the inception of the Kombat Cup, we are treated to a team kill between two members of Noble…in this case, iLuusions and Dragon, a slight deviation from the classic Tweedy vs. Dragon match-up. It’s a classic MK4 match-up with Sorcerer Quan Chi and Impostor Shinnok. Luu demonstrates some beautiful meterless tech¬†against Shinnok’s Hell Sparks by simply using B2 to manuever through the attack and land a punish on Dragon. Unfortunately for him, Dragon’s rock-solid defense against Quan Chi spells out his downfall as the younger player assumes a 2-1 lead over his opponent). After taking a moment to consider his options, Luu opts to put his faith in his Nimble Reptile, who comes equipped with perhaps some of the most slippery set-ups one could contend with in MKX. One such example is how Luu uses the green screen to extend his juggles as well as setting up inescapable Force Balls that Dragon is not prepared for. Dragon looked to be on the verge of closing the set, but a crucial drop led him to teleport past a Force Ball out of panic only to be juggled by an NJP. Luu sneaks some F4-Slide loops into his offense to whittle away at Dragon’s defense. Before long, the set hits a stalemate as both players tie each other with two wins apiece. Dragon decides to switch to Mournful Kitana, a choice which benefits him greatly since Luu’s options to interrupt the enhanced glaives are limited without meter and his one armored option leaves him with very little to work with. Dragon assumes control of the set in the final round and prepares to chip Luu out, but Luu somehow backdashes the MB Glaive, giving him an opportunity to go in for the kill. Luu scores a knockdown and sets up the green screen before attempting another “unblockable” F4-Slide. Much to the viewers’ shock, Dragon finally blocks it and punishes his opponent for a hard-earned victory!

Our last glimpse of Immortall Angel (Scorpion) was during the third week of the season, but he finally returns to face CE oD Full Auto (Jacqui Briggs). Angel’s style combines suffocating pressure and calculated reads with sometimes questionable risks making him a literal 50/50 when it comes to wins and losses. Auto, on the other hand, tries to play it slow until he jumps in anticipation of a Hellfire, a decision that proves costly as Angel retaliates with a forward jumpkick to convert for respectable damage and a restand. Both players consistently throw crouch normals at one another even after taking a hit, possibly because they¬†do not want to get conditioned for either throws or blockstrings.¬†Auto blocks a repetition of strings cancelled into one anothr but doesn’t challenge Scorpion after either the drain in Angel’s stamina or the 2 1 portion of the string, and Angel gains a tremendous amount of meter as a result (though interestingly enough, he tends to win his matches while sitting on three bars). Finally, Auto works up the courage to challenge his opponent only to be juggled. He makes up for this deficit by winning whole rounds due to sudden risks on his opponent’s part, but Angel is not one to be discouraged from his explosive playstyle. Yet again Auto tries to find a gap in the pressure but is opened up for the kill instead. Immortall Angel basks in his 3-2 victory, teabagging his opponent before calling out the Special Forces to decimate his opponent with a Faction Kill.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen technical issues we were unable to broadcast the match between Noble Tweedy and Circa Destroyer. What we¬†can¬†tell you is that Tweedy took the set 3-0 after a series of depressing drops from his opponent. As such, Tweedy proceeds to the semis where he will have the opportunity to run it back with Immortall Angel, who’d emerged victorious in their previous encounter. You can check out¬†this match video to relive that chapter of the Kombat Cup.

Semifinals kick off with a Final Round runback between Semiij (Mileena) and Noble Dragon (Shinnok). The course of their matches is akin to the tension that builds up among a pack of wolves circling one another, just waiting for their chance to bite. Yet, when Dragon constantly cancels his pokes into his Hell Sparks, Semiij hesitates so much that he does not take advantage of the third spark whiffing against him on occasion. But after his first loss, he finally becomes aware of this loophole and goes to Cassie Cage in an effort to exploit it. His B1 normal immediately moves him through the sparks to launch Dragon for a painful restand. However, he falls prey to Dragon’s strategy of whiffing an attack and then backdashing to bait counter-pokes. Semiij becomes antsy from this development and tries to jump in only to be anti-aired by the Hell Sparks. As Dragon snatches the second game by the skin of his teeth, Semiij switches right back to Mileena and applies his punishes against the Hell Sparks using her roll. He also utilizes his B2 normal in an effort to catch Dragon’s backdashes, but this tactic fails, leaving him open to whiff punishes. Dragon alternates between slight forward walks and his low launcher to cleave through Semiij’s defense as if it were butter, while forcing combos valued at approximately 40% damage down his victim’s throat. Semiij is kept trapped in the corner where he dies a slow and grizzly death from Shinnok’s amulet Brutality. Dragon takes it 3-0 to advance to Grand Finals!

What follows is a runback that Tweedy has yearned for since Week 3, and he has most certainly come prepared. No sooner had the match started did Tweedy expose the gaps in Scorpion’s pressure right out of the gate, with not an iota of concern over his meter usage due to how quickly he recovers it. Angel’s teleports are also consistently blown up, though not for max damage sometimes due to Tweedy’s fear of the fake teleport but it nevertheless leaves him at Kenshi’s mercy. The uppercuts on reaction to Scorpion’s jump-ins further add to Angel’s dilemma. Angel becomes desperate and jumps backwards full-screen before teleporting, only to be punished yet again. He eventually switches to his unblockable Hellfire, but Tweedy refuses to budge from his position at full-screen. His playstyle just oozes confidence and match-up knowledge like a waterfall, and Angel is completely uncertain of what to do. The final straw happens when Angel reacts to Tweedy’s armored teleport with a delayed X-ray only for the armor to abruptly disappear when Kenshi presses the offense! The lack of armor on the X-ray leaves Angel completely stupefied and therefore vulnerable to Tweedy’s merciless rushdown. Tweedy takes it with a clean 3-0 sweep¬†and¬†a hyper teabag to¬†satisfy his thirst for revenge!

Tweedy’s victory leads him right to a rematch with his biggest rival yet: Noble Dragon. It is a win for their team regardless of whoever takes Grand Finals, but Tweedy has no intention of settling for less. He holds off on his zoning game until he plants his opponent on the ground at a respectable distance. However, Dragon finally decides to make use of his ability to delay Assassin Kitana’s parry without letting it go, and it catches Tweedy trying to swing with his B1. Tweedy quickly counters this option by switching to his low launcher, forcing Dragon on the defensive again. Dragon eventually pushes Tweedy to the corner and lands a corner juggle, but drops it before he can close the round out! Fortunately, he picks it right back up, winning the first game.

As if a switch was flipped, Dragon suddenly finds himself unable to withstand Tweedy’s renewed aggression. The Kenshi loyalist utilizes strategies rarely used, such as a bold run-up into an EX overhead or low to catch Dragon sleeping in the neutral. Additionally, his abuse of grabs frustrates Dragon while keeping him in the corner. Every conversion from Tweedy explodes with monstrous damage. Before the viewers know it, Tweedy has taken the next two games in the blink of an eye, putting himself on the verge of winning his first-ever Kombat Cup. Not one to go down quietly, Dragon resurrects his Bone Shaper Shinnok and starts the match with a normal that Shinnok players rarely use…his mid-hitting B2 which is slightly plus on block. Dragon nearly chips Tweedy to death with a sequence of offensive set-ups, but Tweedy eventually escapes and applies his own pressure. Suffering under the pressure, Dragon is caught pressing buttons out of panic and loses his life lead as a result, as well as the round! It takes him almost all of Round 2 to land a combo, but he finds it with an anti-air Hell Sparks and restands Tweedy for slight advantage. But as he tries to continue offense, Tweedy disrespects him with an uppercut and then meaties him to finish the match!

Final Results

1st ‚ÄstNoble Tweedy
Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd¬†‚ÄstNoble Dragon
Prizes: $100 and 125 league points

3rd/4th ‚ÄstSemiij
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

3rd/4th ‚Äď Immortall Angel
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th ‚ÄstIns7incts
Prizes: 50 league points

5th¬†‚ÄstCE oD Full Auto
Prizes: 50 league points

5th ‚ÄstNoble iLuusions
Prizes: 50 league points

5th ‚ÄstCirca Destroyer
Prizes: 50 league points

Match Log


Semiij (Mileena): 3 vs. Ins7incts (Takeda): 0

Noble iLuusions (Quan Chi and Reptile): 2 vs. Noble Dragon (Shinnok and Kitana): 3

Immortall Angel (Scorpion): 3 vs. CE oD Full Auto (Jacqui Briggs): 2

Circa Destroyer (Predator): 0 vs. Noble Tweedy (Kenshi): 3


Semiij (Mileena and Cassie Cage): 0 vs. Noble Dragon (Shinnok): 3

Immortall Angel (Scorpion): 0 vs. Noble Tweedy (Kenshi): 3

Grand Finals

Noble Tweedy (Kenshi): 3 vs. Noble Dragon (Kitana and Shinnok): 1

After two seasons of trying and grinding, we are happy to acknowledge Noble Tweedy as our Week 9 champion! Sincerest congratulations to him for mowing down Circa Destroyer and Immortall Angel before repeating his triumph against his longtime friend and rival, Dragon. This is one of the purest examples of dedication seeing its reward.

Additionally, we congratulate revetleafing for taking Konquest Week 9!¬†With the extra league points he’s won, he passes Echo Fox Scar to steal his spot in the rankings at eighth place. Should he manage to avoid falling back below that position¬†for the last three weeks of the Cup, he will make a second appearance in a Kombat Cup Season Finale in May!

If you missed out on the action for Kombat Cup and Konquest this week, we have linked the archives below for your convenience. Check them out!

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With the completion of Week 9, only three weeks remain in Kombat Cup Season 2, as well as two for Konquest. This means that all available points from here on out will be highly crucial for those still hoping to climb through the rankings. We encourage you to sign up and train like you’ve never trained before!

Be advised that Week 10 will not occur tomorrow due to the Easter holidays. Instead, we will resume the league on Monday, April 17th. In the meantime, you are more than welcome to sign up for that and this Thursday’s Konquest bracket, provided that you are a North American resident and at least sixteen years of age.

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Konquest Week 10 sign-up page

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